Water Locator Detectors

Water Fall Ground Water Detector

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Water Fall's Ground Water Detector uses long-range locating tech to locate and analyze underground water. It offers assistance to farmers, geologists, and water utilities. Features include a graphical UI in 8 languages, adjustable depth and scan range, and an electrical charger. Includes main unit, grip, signal transmitter, antennas, compass, chargers, battery, and protective bag. Plus, a 3-year guarantee.

River-F Plus Water Detector

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RIVER F detects underground water & artesian wells with long-range accuracy. It offers high-tech features along with six languages, soil types & device settings. Easy to use & less effort searching.

Fresh Result 2 Systems Detector

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Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus Device detects underground water and artesian wells with unparalleled accuracy. It features a depth of up to 1200m and a range of 2,000m. The device can determine the type of water (fresh, salty, very salty) and different soil types (sandy, clay, rocky, mixed). FRESH RESULT 2 SYSTEMS pioneers geophysical survey for groundwater exploration.

BR 950 Professional Ground Water Systems

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Unleash the power of the BR 950 Professional. This advanced underground water and well detector ensures accurate detection and exploration of groundwater sources worldwide.

BR 950 Ground Water Systems

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Discover groundwater and wells effortlessly with the BR 950. Utilizing advanced Long Range Locator technology, this compact device offers high-speed detection and precise guidance to water sources.

BR 750 Professional Water Systems

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Introducing the BR 750 Professional, the ultimate water detection device. With enhanced features and accuracy, locate water sources effortlessly and determine their type and depth with ease.

BR 700 Pro Water Systems

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Discover underground water with precision using the BR 700 PRO. Distinguishes between fresh, salt, and mineral water, providing accurate depth and type information.

KS 800 GPR Ground Radar

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The KS 800 metal detector has new software with many features. It can be used in geology, mining, archaeology and to locate historical sites, objects and spaces underground. It can sense regressive and water, metals and objects, and scan thick walls. Its advantages include: Continuous measurement, auto-saved data, 3D display, external storage, Voxler loading, Internet connection and surface search. The device consists of antenna, battery, trolley, touchpad, 2D/3D software, USB and 16KB buffer memory. Its dimensions: 26cm (without chassis)/1.25cm (with chassis), 43cm wide, 63cm long. The FMCW ground radar offers a single antenna for all depth ranges.

KS700 GPR Ground Radar

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The KS700 is for cavity location. It includes an electronic control unit, shielded antenna, power supply, data visualization software and 2D/3D software. Applications include archeology, contamination investigation, underground exploration, risk exclusion and old tunnel/room location. It uses FMCW radar, locating up to 40m in solid rock and 60m in limestone (for wide, high WWII tunnels).

AKS Aqua Water Detector

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AKS AQUA: Professional water detection device with DDT tech. Unmatched accuracy and speed. 6 antennas, powerful processors. Unlock hidden water sources.

WF 202 Pro+

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WF-202 Pro+ Groundwater Detector w/2 detection systems. Updated & developed entirely, incl. transceiver systems & long distance water sensing for exploration & detection. Has multi-lingual software, TFT color display, & optional lists. Gives high-accurate results & can locate water & drilling points. Smart operating systems provide rapid control & complete settings programs.

MWF Aqua

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MWF AQUA Groundwater Detector uses long distance sensing (LDS) & acoustic identification systems to locate water from 200m, in 360° with precise control. It offers high rigor frequency waves to identify & detect groundwater, with several search distance levels adjustable by the user. Small & easy to use, it can be placed in the pocket & used by anyone without experience.

MWF Navvy

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MWF Navvy is a cutting-edge device for detecting groundwater. It offers modern features for accurately and effectively monitoring it, such as a high sensitivity for quickly locating water sources, an accuracy of determining water location, and acoustic signals to indicate the path of the water. Additionally, its digital compass screen displays directions and target paths. This device can reach depths of up to 500m and scan a 2000m radius for water.

WF 101 III

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WF 101 III, in its 3rd gen version, is No. 1 in the world for advanced search & detection. Developed with smart tech, it offers quick control of settings & programs. Its Bear Claw OS provides integrated smart interface on a cool screen display. Multi-functional detection systems & high-level tech ensure accurate groundwater location.

WF 303 GH

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The MWF WF 303 GH device reduces trouble & fatigue while providing accurate, certain results about groundwater for well-digging. Over 7 yrs of research & development have gone into this advanced device, capable of detecting & exploring water up to 800 m depth & 2 km distance. It analyzes soil & water, detects metallic rocks, granite & cavities that may hinder drilling, & produces a detailed report to prevent drilling errors. Equipped with two systems, geophysical survey & Handheld LRL.


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MF 1200 ACTIVE is an updated and developed device with 3 detection systems, including transceiver, ionic detection, and verification systems. It is multi-functional, multi-lingual, and has a smart modern software and TFT color display. It can accurately detect underground resources, mineral, gold, minerals, water, etc., providing optional lists. Thanks to its smart operating systems, users have complete and rapid control of all device programs.


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MF 1500 Smart offers 4 sophisticated, high-accuracy detection systems, multiple search listings, and smart technology. After 4 years of studies & experiments, MWF Group grants high-accuracy detection with no errors. It specializes in detection & exploration of underground resources, like gold, minerals, water, gemstone, & diamonds. It comes with optional lists & a multi-language mode for seamless control of device programs. Benefits include locating points for drilling & determining size & depth of target.

Ajax Omega

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AJAX Omega: The ultimate water detection device with advanced technologies, precise targeting, and 3 powerful detection systems for accurate results.

Underground Water Finder Locator Detector
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