BR Systems

BR 800 P Precious Metals, Gems & Water Detection System


Discover the future of metal detection with the BR 800 P. This American-engineered marvel from BR Systems is perfect for uncovering treasures, gold, and hidden cavities up to 50 meters deep. It boasts a high-quality color LCD, a Vibratory Frequency Detector at 400 MHz, and versatile capabilities for groundwater, metal, and cavity detection. Its multilingual interface and adaptability to diverse environments make it a global leader in detection technology. Explore the unknown with the BR 800 P, available at 🌍

🌟 Embark on a Treasure-Hunting Adventure with the BR 800 P! 🌟

BR 500 GW Ground Water Wells Detection


Discover groundwater effortlessly with the BR 500 GW, engineered for precision in agriculture and drilling. This dual-system detector combines electrostatic technology for depth up to 500 meters and soil resistance measurement to identify water types. Featuring a user-friendly color LCD, long-lasting battery, and American craftsmanship, it's ISO and CE certified for global reliability. Ideal for diverse terrains and bilingual in Arabic and English. Your exploration companion awaits at 🌍

Royal Analyzer Pro 6000


Experience the power of Royal Analyzer Pro, the ultimate imaging system for prospectors and gold seekers. Discover minerals, treasures, and more with unparalleled accuracy and advanced features. Get the latest version for superior performance and dynamic design.

BR 950 Professional Ground Water Systems


Unleash the power of the BR 950 Professional. This advanced underground water and well detector ensures accurate detection and exploration of groundwater sources worldwide.

BR 950 Ground Water Systems


Discover groundwater and wells effortlessly with the BR 950. Utilizing advanced Long Range Locator technology, this compact device offers high-speed detection and precise guidance to water sources.

BR 750 Professional Water Systems


Introducing the BR 750 Professional, the ultimate water detection device. With enhanced features and accuracy, locate water sources effortlessly and determine their type and depth with ease.

BR 700 Pro Water Systems


Discover underground water with precision using the BR 700 PRO. Distinguishes between fresh, salt, and mineral water, providing accurate depth and type information.

BR 50 Target Max


Unleash your treasure-hunting potential with the BR 50 Target Max. Advanced radar and ionic detection technologies for accurate and speedy target location.

BR 20 Pro Gold Long Range Locator


Unleash the power of the BR 20 Pro, a compact yet highly advanced treasure detection device. Locate gold and treasures with precision using long-range technology and intuitive guidance features.

BR 100 Pro Long Range System


Discover the BR 100 Pro, a cutting-edge treasure hunting device that combines long-range and vertical detection systems for unparalleled results. Unearth valuable treasures faster and easier with advanced technology and user-friendly features.

Gold Step Pro Max Gold


Unlock your treasure-hunting potential with Gold Step Pro Max 2022. The ultimate professional detector, equipped with cutting-edge technology for fast and accurate detection of buried treasures.

Unearth Hidden Wonders with BR Systems' Advanced Metal and Gold Detectors 

Br detector logo image

Innovative Detection Technology from BR Systems Embark on a journey to discover hidden treasures with BR Systems, a pioneering force in the world of advanced detection technology. Since 2005, BR Systems has been revolutionizing the field with long-range metal detectors featuring modern methods and techniques. With a commitment to continual development and a focus on ease of use, BR Systems’ detectors are preferred by treasure hunters and prospectors worldwide.

Discover the Elite Range of BR Systems Detectors

  1. BR 100 Pro: This advanced detector combines long-range and vertical detection systems, boasting a depth of 30 meters and a range of 1000 meters. It’s equipped with new Power max 25 sensor for rapid and accurate target detection.
  2. BR 50 Target Max: Featuring a blend of long-range radar and ionic detection systems, this device excels in speed and accuracy, detecting targets up to 20 meters deep and 1000 meters in range.
  3. BR 20 Pro: A compact powerhouse, the BR 20 Pro specializes in detecting gold and treasures from distances up to 500 meters, with a depth reach of 10 meters. It's known for its accuracy and efficiency in various terrains and soil types.
  4. Gold Step Pro Max & Royal Analyzer Pro: These detectors are at the forefront of 3D imaging technology, offering detailed views of hidden objects and ensuring successful treasure hunts.

Why Choose BR Systems Detectors?

  • Versatile Detection: Whether you're searching for gold, raw metals, or underground water, BR Systems offers a detector for every need.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: BR Systems detectors are equipped with the latest in detection technology, including long-range locators, ionic systems, and 3D ground scanning.
  • User-Friendly Design: Each detector is designed with the user in mind, featuring intuitive controls, multilingual support, and detailed visual and audio indicators.

Embark on Your Treasure Hunting Adventure Ready to start your treasure hunting journey? Dive into the world of hidden wonders with BR Systems. Explore our exclusive BR Systems Detector Collection here and uncover the treasures that lie beneath.

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