Diamond & Gems Detectors

BR 800 P Precious Metals, Gems & Water Detection System


Discover the future of metal detection with the BR 800 P. This American-engineered marvel from BR Systems is perfect for uncovering treasures, gold, and hidden cavities up to 50 meters deep. It boasts a high-quality color LCD, a Vibratory Frequency Detector at 400 MHz, and versatile capabilities for groundwater, metal, and cavity detection. Its multilingual interface and adaptability to diverse environments make it a global leader in detection technology. Explore the unknown with the BR 800 P, available at 🌍

🌟 Embark on a Treasure-Hunting Adventure with the BR 800 P! 🌟

Ajax Ares Metal Detector


Discover the precision of the Ajax Ares Metal Detector 🌟. With a 20-meter depth reach and 4 sophisticated detection systems, this device is ideal for uncovering Gold, Silver, and more, ensuring efficient and precise treasure hunting🔍.

Blue Diamond - Gemstones Detector


Blue Diamond, from Next Labs Detectors – Germany, is a long-range gemstone and diamond detector that combines great performance with an easy-to-use interface. Search systems include Diamonds and Gemstones, with adjustable scans and depths. The device program features a simple GUI in 8 languages. The main unit, grip, SP signal transmitter, 2 recipient antennae, compass, charger, battery, and protective bag are all included.

Aurelian Gold & Metal Detector


Aurelian is a Long-Range metal detector from Next Labs Detectors – Germany, offering ease of use, simplicity, and powerful performance in finding deep metal targets. It has two search systems, a visual multilingual program, and an economical price. It detects non-ferrous metals, gold nuggets, relics, underground cavities, and more. The front scan range is 0-3000m, depth range is 0-25m, and it can identify targets such as gold, silver, bronze, and diamond. Manually adjustable settings and 8 languages make it simple to use. It includes parts, accessories, 3-year guarantee.

Gold Hunter Smart Detector


GER DETECT's Gold Hunter Smart has multiple features to detect gold, treasure, metals & diamonds up to 50m deep & 3,000m forward. It has a touch screen, thermometer, digital clock, sound mute/activate feature & a super Antenna. The device works w/ four systems: metal search, cave/void/tomb locator, diamond search & depth+analysis two-dimensional imaging. It comes with international ISO 9001 & CE certificates & supports 6 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian & Arabic.

AKS Multi GFIS3D™ Scanner

from $4,999.00

AKS DETECTORS presents the GFIS3D™, the world's smallest and most advanced device for 3D scanning underground layers. The AKS MULTI GFIS 3D offers dual systems for unmatched treasure detection. Unveil hidden treasures with precision.

Gold Step Pro Max Gold


Unlock your treasure-hunting potential with Gold Step Pro Max 2022. The ultimate professional detector, equipped with cutting-edge technology for fast and accurate detection of buried treasures.

BR 100 Pro Long Range System


Discover the BR 100 Pro, a cutting-edge treasure hunting device that combines long-range and vertical detection systems for unparalleled results. Unearth valuable treasures faster and easier with advanced technology and user-friendly features.

BR 50 Target Max


Unleash your treasure-hunting potential with the BR 50 Target Max. Advanced radar and ionic detection technologies for accurate and speedy target location.

KS 800 GPR Ground Radar


The KS 800 metal detector has new software with many features. It can be used in geology, mining, archaeology and to locate historical sites, objects and spaces underground. It can sense regressive and water, metals and objects, and scan thick walls. Its advantages include: Continuous measurement, auto-saved data, 3D display, external storage, Voxler loading, Internet connection and surface search. The device consists of antenna, battery, trolley, touchpad, 2D/3D software, USB and 16KB buffer memory. Its dimensions: 26cm (without chassis)/1.25cm (with chassis), 43cm wide, 63cm long. The FMCW ground radar offers a single antenna for all depth ranges.

KS700 GPR Ground Radar


The KS700 is for cavity location. It includes an electronic control unit, shielded antenna, power supply, data visualization software and 2D/3D software. Applications include archeology, contamination investigation, underground exploration, risk exclusion and old tunnel/room location. It uses FMCW radar, locating up to 40m in solid rock and 60m in limestone (for wide, high WWII tunnels).

AKS Detector LR-TR (2018)

from $2,500.00

Introducing AKS LR-TR, the world's first long-range metal detector. Ideal for treasure hunters seeking deep treasures including gold, jewelry, and more. AKS continues to offer the groundbreaking LR-TR 2018 model.

AKS Diamond Finder Detector

from $1,990.00

AKS Diamond Finder: A leading gemstone detection device developed in Israel and the USA. Excels in finding diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires for potential mining worldwide. Unleash the power of precision exploration.

GF 500


GF-500 device works on Long Distance Sensing (LDS) system and has acoustic identification systems to find target's path and center. It offers high frequency waves to detect underground diamonds and gemstones up to 200m away with 360° angles, and 10m search depth. It's lightweight and simple to use; anyone can use it with no experience or prior knowledge.

MWF Vigor Detector


The MWF VIGOR Detector is a sophisticated device ideal for detecting gold, treasures and cavities. It boasts advanced features for accurately monitoring underground targets, including high sensitivity for speedy detection, accurate verification of the target's location and acoustic indicators to pinpoint its exact path. The device also has a digital compass on its screen to show directions and the target's path. It has a detection depth of 20 m, and can detect targets up to 2000 m circular.

GF 1000


Introducing the revolutionary GF 1000 (33 Elements Detectors): the first of its kind and the latest technology to detect wealth beneath the ground! This device uses advanced detection techniques to find up to 33 gems, gold, diamonds, and metallic ores. After undergoing extensive development and multiple experiments and trials in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, the GF 1000 has achieved amazing success and enabled the extraction of tons of precious metals and rare stones! Reaching depths of 200 meters and distances of 2500 meters, this device's detection capabilities are truly beyond imagination!



MF 1200 ACTIVE is an updated and developed device with 3 detection systems, including transceiver, ionic detection, and verification systems. It is multi-functional, multi-lingual, and has a smart modern software and TFT color display. It can accurately detect underground resources, mineral, gold, minerals, water, etc., providing optional lists. Thanks to its smart operating systems, users have complete and rapid control of all device programs.



MF 1500 Smart offers 4 sophisticated, high-accuracy detection systems, multiple search listings, and smart technology. After 4 years of studies & experiments, MWF Group grants high-accuracy detection with no errors. It specializes in detection & exploration of underground resources, like gold, minerals, water, gemstone, & diamonds. It comes with optional lists & a multi-language mode for seamless control of device programs. Benefits include locating points for drilling & determining size & depth of target.

Diamond & Gems Detectors

Reveal Hidden Gems with Diamond & Gems Detectors Specialized for the detection of diamonds and gemstones, our detectors are the prospector's choice for locating precious stones. Equipped with technology to differentiate between gem-bearing material and other metals, your next dazzling find awaits.

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