Long Range Locators

AKS Filter

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Discover buried treasures with AKS PRO, the advanced gold detector. Unveil the secrets hidden beneath the earth's surface.

RAYFINDER - Long Range Locator

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RAYFINDER Long Range Locator allows users to set detection range from 300m-2100m+. It features powerful 24v peak-to-peak transmitter, and signal accuracy down to 0.1Hz. Its GROUND ID identifies minerals & wetness, while DGB & RAY Track ground filters automatically alter signal waveform to reject trash. 10 modes detect gold, silver, copper & more. Features DFS & 1Hz increments for manual frequency. LCD, battery condition meter & 360° rotation included. Distances adjustable from 300m-2100m+.

Long Range Locator Eliminator E-120 B

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Eliminator e-120 B: Powerful long-range gold detector with mineral rejection filter. Includes 2 locators and carry case for accurate metal discrimination.

OKM Delta Ranger Treasure Detector

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OKM DELTA RANGER: Multi-tech treasure detector w/ smartphone & exchangeable probes; long-range (miles) & 18 m (60 ft) deep; detect gold, jewelry, chests, voids, tunnels; 6 operating modes, digital compass, visual target indication, 14 languages, control by Smartphone App.

Blue Diamond - Gemstones Detector

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Blue Diamond, from Next Labs Detectors – Germany, is a long-range gemstone and diamond detector that combines great performance with an easy-to-use interface. Search systems include Diamonds and Gemstones, with adjustable scans and depths. The device program features a simple GUI in 8 languages. The main unit, grip, SP signal transmitter, 2 recipient antennae, compass, charger, battery, and protective bag are all included.

Water Fall Ground Water Detector

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Water Fall's Ground Water Detector uses long-range locating tech to locate and analyze underground water. It offers assistance to farmers, geologists, and water utilities. Features include a graphical UI in 8 languages, adjustable depth and scan range, and an electrical charger. Includes main unit, grip, signal transmitter, antennas, compass, chargers, battery, and protective bag. Plus, a 3-year guarantee.

Aurelian Gold & Metal Detector

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Aurelian is a Long-Range metal detector from Next Labs Detectors – Germany, offering ease of use, simplicity, and powerful performance in finding deep metal targets. It has two search systems, a visual multilingual program, and an economical price. It detects non-ferrous metals, gold nuggets, relics, underground cavities, and more. The front scan range is 0-3000m, depth range is 0-25m, and it can identify targets such as gold, silver, bronze, and diamond. Manually adjustable settings and 8 languages make it simple to use. It includes parts, accessories, 3-year guarantee.

BR 950 Professional Ground Water Systems

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Unleash the power of the BR 950 Professional. This advanced underground water and well detector ensures accurate detection and exploration of groundwater sources worldwide.

BR 950 Ground Water Systems

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Discover groundwater and wells effortlessly with the BR 950. Utilizing advanced Long Range Locator technology, this compact device offers high-speed detection and precise guidance to water sources.

BR 50 Target Max

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Unleash your treasure-hunting potential with the BR 50 Target Max. Advanced radar and ionic detection technologies for accurate and speedy target location.

BR 20 Pro Gold Long Range Locator

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Unleash the power of the BR 20 Pro, a compact yet highly advanced treasure detection device. Locate gold and treasures with precision using long-range technology and intuitive guidance features.

BR 100 Pro Long Range System

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Discover the BR 100 Pro, a cutting-edge treasure hunting device that combines long-range and vertical detection systems for unparalleled results. Unearth valuable treasures faster and easier with advanced technology and user-friendly features.

Gold Legend Long Range Detector

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Gold Legend is a small, easy-to-use detector with a program & color screen for simple visual results. Beginners & pros can benefit from its low price & 5 integrated search systems, including Long-Range Locating & Ionic field detection. Perfect for treasure hunters.

Cobra GX 8000 Treasure Detector

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Introducing COBRA GX 8000, the ultimate all-in-one metal detector for treasure hunting. With advanced search systems, it detects gold, metals, ancient artifacts, and more. Unleash your passion for discovery and embark on exciting adventures with this reliable device. Start uncovering hidden treasures today!

Gold X-Finder Detector

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GDI X-FINDER detector locates metals, featuring 10 factory modes & 3 user-set ones. 2022 version (1.06) offers 10 range levels & improved functions. See our video for more.

Concord Long Range Deep Locator

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Concord is a multi-system metal detector with Long-Range Locator and Pulse Induction tech for deep and small metal objects. It provides users with digital targets identification, acoustic feedback, a simple interface with multilingual options, and visual and audio feedback. Ideal for prospectors and treasure hunters.

Gold Step Pro Max Gold

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Unlock your treasure-hunting potential with Gold Step Pro Max 2022. The ultimate professional detector, equipped with cutting-edge technology for fast and accurate detection of buried treasures.

River-F Plus Water Detector

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RIVER F detects underground water & artesian wells with long-range accuracy. It offers high-tech features along with six languages, soil types & device settings. Easy to use & less effort searching.

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