GER Detect

UIG Watch Detector - 3D imaging device


Introducing the UIG Watch – a groundbreaking leap in exploration technology. 🚀 Weighing a mere 85 grams, this is soon to be the smallest 3D imaging device globally, crafted with...

UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector


Metal and Gold Detector new dimension of treasure hunting with the cutting-edge UIG Gold Digger Metal and Gold Detector. Equipped with seven advanced search systems, this lightweight powerhouse excels in all terrains, reaching depths others can't. Unearth gold nuggets, precious coins, and more with unparalleled precision. Elevate your treasure hunting game today and embark on a journey of discovery like never before!

UIG Ground Scanner Detector


Unearth the extraordinary with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector. This groundbreaking device combines three cutting-edge imaging systems, letting you explore up to 30 meters below the surface with unmatched precision. Whether it's precious metals, ancient relics, or hidden chambers, embark on a journey of discovery with the compact, lightweight UIG Ground Scanner Detector – your ultimate companion for uncovering the secrets of the earth.

River-F Smart Long-range Water Detector


RIVER F detects underground water & artesian wells with long-range accuracy. It offers high-tech features along with six languages, soil types & device settings. Easy to use & less effort searching.

Fresh Result 2 Systems Detector


Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus Device detects underground water and artesian wells with unparalleled accuracy. It features a depth of up to 1200m and a range of 2,000m. The device can determine the type of water (fresh, salty, very salty) and different soil types (sandy, clay, rocky, mixed). FRESH RESULT 2 SYSTEMS pioneers geophysical survey for groundwater exploration.

Titan 400 Smart Detector


TITAN GER 400 Smart Detector is a powerful 3-in-1 device for detecting gold, precious metals, treasures, and cavities. It features a completely new design and can bypass all types of mineral rocks, including sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. It has a long-range depth of 3000 m² and 25 m below ground. It operates on 3 search systems, including Long Range Gold & Metal, Ionic Fields, and VLF Electromagnetic Detection.

Gold Hunter Smart Detector


GER DETECT's Gold Hunter Smart has multiple features to detect gold, treasure, metals & diamonds up to 50m deep & 3,000m forward. It has a touch screen, thermometer, digital clock, sound mute/activate feature & a super Antenna. The device works w/ four systems: metal search, cave/void/tomb locator, diamond search & depth+analysis two-dimensional imaging. It comes with international ISO 9001 & CE certificates & supports 6 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian & Arabic.

Fresh Result 1 System Detector


FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM is a long-range water detector with multiple features, four languages (German – English – French, and Arabic) & range adjustable up to 2000 meters.

Diamond Hunter Smart Detector


DIAMOND HUNTER is a long-range device for detecting diamonds and gemstones in the ground. It features a super antenna that works in spiral systems for large areas and long distances. Its two transmission circuits operate according to ground induction. The antenna installation is simple: just place the super antenna on the device. When running, the transmitter circuit sends a signal to the receiver circuit, boosting the waves over 1,000 times for quick scanning of multiple areas.

River G 3 Systems Detector


River G 3 systems for detecting groundwater, artesian wells, and borewells. It has a range of 1500m and a 3000m2 front range. It can determine water type and also locate rocks. It functions across the globe and can differentiate six soil types. 3D imaging provides an accurate image of water location and depth. Advanced technology allows for detection and identification of underground water sources.

UIG Pin Pointer Detector


UIG POINTER, designed by GER DETECT & UIG DETECTORS, detects & distinguishes metals, both precious & non-precious. It offers multi-use & high efficiency in varied conditions & regions. It is featured by its capacity to make two different sounds that differentiate between precious & non-precious metals.

Titan 500 Smart Detector


TITAN 500 SMART is the world's first of its kind, detecting gold, metals, treasures, diamonds and gemstones. With five years of development, the device boasts specialized systems and professional techniques to locate targets accurately from farther distances. It also identifies 18 gemstones, precious metals, meteorites and more. Additionally, the device features an electronic thermometer, digital clock and a touch-screen with a super antenna for greater coverage.

Golden Way Metal Detector


Golden Way Detector features an electromagnetic VLF system for locating underground gold, raw gold, and coins. It offers multi-use, high accuracy, and deep detection up to 3 meters. It's fast, easy to use, and cost-efficient, with no programming necessary. Proven worldwide, it's an ideal device for beginners to become experts in obtaining the best results.

Gold Hunter Detector


The old version of Gold Hunter from GER.This old version product is no longer manufactured by GER.You can find the new version: GOLD HUNTER SMART by clicking here.

Gold Seeker Detector


GOLD SEEKER's pulse induction system detects buried gold, nuggets, coins. It has two systems: ground induction to generate Eddy Current signals, and Double D Coil to generate spiral waves to analyze signals from targets. It calibrates with ground to ensure it's unaffected by moisture, rocks, salts, etc.

Deep Seeker 5 Systems Detector


DEEP SEEKER detects underground treasures like precious metals, ancient monuments, and caves. It's the world's first device that runs 5 innovative systems in all terrains and climates. It can detect magmatic rocks with its automatic calibration tech. Included: electric car & wall charger, battery CD & warranty, imaging sensor, ionic sensor, LRU, main unit, safety box, sensor holder, signal enhancer, signal recipient, antenna, tablet, table stand, transmitter & receiver antennas, unit holder.

Titan 1000 GER Detect Treasure Detector


TITAN GER 1000 Detector provides five search systems for detecting underground gold, precious metals, treasures, caves, and more. Depth range is up to 45 meters underground and 2500 meters from the front. A complete search station: five systems in one device makes it the best metal detector available. Finding gold, diamonds, gems, ancient monuments, and burials has never been easier!

Easy Way Smart 3D Detector


🌟 Easy Way Smart Detector: Unveiling the Future of 3D Metal Detection 🌟 Experience the pinnacle of metal detecting with the Easy Way Smart Detector. This compact yet powerful device...

Explore the World of Advanced Detection with Ger Detect's Cutting-Edge Technology 

Discover the Future of Detection with Ger Detect's Innovative Range Uncover the secrets beneath your feet with Ger Detect's revolutionary range of detectors. Designed and manufactured in Germany, these devices embody precision, efficiency, and unmatched technological prowess. Ideal for finding archaeological treasures, gold, precious metals, and even underground water, Ger Detect's collection is a treasure hunter's dream come true.

Advanced Technology for Unparalleled Accuracy

  1. TITAN GER 1000: A multi-system marvel, offering five distinct search systems in one device. Dive up to 45 meters deep and scan up to 2500 meters in front, unearthing hidden treasures with ease.
  2. UIG GROUND SCANNER: Boasting three unique underground detection systems, this scanner excels in accuracy, reaching depths of up to 30 meters.
  3. GOLD SEEKER DETECTOR: Designed with precision, this detector specializes in finding buried gold and old coins up to 3.5 meters deep.
  4. EASY WAY SMART DUAL SYSTEM: With a depth of 18 meters and a front range of 2000 square meters, this device combines 3D imaging and long-range search capabilities for an unbeatable detection experience.

Ready to Unearth Treasures? Explore our exclusive GER DETECT Collection and elevate your treasure hunting journey today. Click here to delve into a world of advanced detection tools and technologies.

Why Choose Ger Detect? GER DETECT germany logo image

  • Multi-Lingual Support: Catering to a global audience, these devices come with multi-language options including German, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.
  • Quality Assurance: Each product is backed by a 2-year warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • International Standards: With the European CE certificate and ISO 9001 international certification, these detectors meet the highest global standards.

Embark on Your Next Great Discovery: Dive into the exceptional range of GER DETECT products. Discover the cutting-edge in treasure detection by visiting our GER DETECT Collection here.

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