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QUEST XPointer Pin-Pointer

from $99.00

QUEST XPointer is a mini detector with 3 models (X Basic, X Pro, X Max) from the American company QUEST. Focusing its detection at the tip, it allows for speedy, accurate target location. It's perfect for uncovering hidden items and artifacts, making it a must-have for treasure hunters and history enthusiasts.

BR 800 P Precious Metals, Gems & Water Detection System


Discover the future of metal detection with the BR 800 P. This American-engineered marvel from BR Systems is perfect for uncovering treasures, gold, and hidden cavities up to 50 meters deep. It boasts a high-quality color LCD, a Vibratory Frequency Detector at 400 MHz, and versatile capabilities for groundwater, metal, and cavity detection. Its multilingual interface and adaptability to diverse environments make it a global leader in detection technology. Explore the unknown with the BR 800 P, available at 🌍

🌟 Embark on a Treasure-Hunting Adventure with the BR 800 P! 🌟

Jeohunter 3D Basic Dual System

from $3,300.00

Jeohunter 3D Dual System uses advanced tech to detect metals & cavities. It accurately distinguishes between four metal groups & analyses target depth & size. The search features work in highly mineralized terrain. The user interface is easy to understand & the system comes with 3 search coils. T100 searches for deep targets; T44 & T21 for general & small finds respectively.

Nokta Premium Digger


Dig deeper and unearth hidden treasures with the Nokta Premium Digger. This high-quality metal detecting tool is designed for optimal performance and durability. Its sharp, serrated edge allows for easy cutting through soil, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting use. Whether you're searching for coins, relics, or other valuable items, this premium digger is a must-have for any serious detectorist. With its ergonomic handle and lightweight design, you'll be able to dig for hours without fatigue. Take your metal detecting adventures to the next level with the Nokta Premium Digger. Order yours today and start digging up amazing finds.

Nokta - Premium Sand Scoop

from $29.00

Looking for the perfect sand scoop for your metal detecting adventures? Look no further than Nokta's 3-in-1 Premium Sand Scoop. This high-quality scoop is designed to meet the needs of treasure hunters, beachcombers, and underwater explorers. With its durable construction, ergonomic handle, and versatile design, it's the ultimate tool for sifting through sand and uncovering hidden treasures. Whether you're searching for coins, jewelry, or relics, this premium sand scoop is your go-to companion. Don't miss out on this essential accessory for successful metal detecting. Get your Nokta 3-in-1 Premium Sand Scoop today and start discovering valuable finds with ease.

GTI 2500 Garrett Metal Detector


Discover the power of the GTI 2500 Garrett Metal Detector. With advanced imaging technology and precise target identification, this detector brings a new level of performance to your treasure hunting adventures. Experience unparalleled depth, accuracy, and versatility in locating coins, relics, and other valuable items. Unleash your inner explorer with the GTI 2500!

PRO / AT / Z-LYNC Pin-Pointer Metal Detector

from $130.00

Introducing the PRO / AT / Z-LYNC Pin-Pointer Metal Detector, the ultimate tool for precise target pinpointing. With advanced technology and Z-LYNC wireless connectivity, you can easily locate small metal objects with accuracy and convenience. Perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. Uncover hidden treasures with confidence!

Gold Pans Prospector kits by GARRETT

from $10.00

Discover the thrill of gold panning with GARRETT's Gold Pans Prospector kits. Includes durable pans, classifier, and expert tips for successful treasure hunting. Unleash your inner prospector today!

Quest Diamond Digger Tool


Quest Diamond Digger is an essential digger and metal detecting accessory tool. Its digging blade is designed for maximum treasure finds, making it an ideal choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Scoopal® Sand Scoop Digging Tool


SCOOPAL - Ultimate sand scoop with lightweight design (2lb 4oz), stainless steel body, three size hexagon patterns, sharp nose, reinforced shaft & textured stepping area for secure footing. Increase efficiency & reduce effort with superior design.

QUEST X5 Metal Detector


The All-New X5 is a a family detector you can share with your kid, husband or wife. It comes with our TurboD double D coil for best performance to handle high mineralized soil or beach hunting. With only 970gram unit weight and swappable middle stem, it can be transformed into a junior detector. The extreme intuitive operation MENU enables you jump into it with no learning curve.  

MWF Spark Detector


Spark device utilizes LDS and acoustic identification systems to detect gold, treasures and blanks up to 200m away in 360° with precise control. It can search up to 10m underground with adjustable horizontal scan and depth control. This small and easy-to-use device can fit in your pocket and can be used without prior experience.

AKS Aqua Water Detector


AKS AQUA: Professional water detection device with DDT tech. Unmatched accuracy and speed. 6 antennas, powerful processors. Unlock hidden water sources.

AKS Diamond Finder Detector

from $1,990.00

AKS Diamond Finder: A leading gemstone detection device developed in Israel and the USA. Excels in finding diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires for potential mining worldwide. Unleash the power of precision exploration.

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