Coin & Jewelry Metal Detectors

XP DEUS 2 FMF® Metal Detector

from $799.00

Discover hidden treasures with the XP DEUS 2 FMF® Metal Detector! This powerful detector is waterproof up to 20M, and boasts the fastest multi-frequency in its class. With 49 single frequencies between 4 to 45 kHz, you can enjoy advanced frequency shift and automatic frequency scan options for EMI noise cancel. Plus, you’ll get Bone Conduction HeadPhones for maximum clarity. Explore the wilderness like never before!

QUEST XPointer Pin-Pointer

from $99.00

QUEST XPointer is a mini detector with 3 models (X Basic, X Pro, X Max) from the American company QUEST. Focusing its detection at the tip, it allows for speedy, accurate target location. It's perfect for uncovering hidden items and artifacts, making it a must-have for treasure hunters and history enthusiasts.

QUEST V80 Metal Detector

from $699.00

Discover hidden treasures with the NEW QUEST V80 Metal Detector! This reliable device is perfect for treasure hunters of all ages and skill levels, featuring adjustable sensitivity and depth settings for a perfectly tailored search. Its waterproof BLIZZARD search coil allows you to explore underwater and discover what lies beneath the surface. Start your next adventure today!

QUEST V60 Metal Detector


QUEST V60 - Unlock buried treasures with the QUEST V60 Metal Detector! Its advanced detection system provides unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to uncover metal objects quickly and with confidence. Get out there and start exploring – who knows what treasures may be waiting for you!

Scoopal® Sand Scoop Digging Tool


SCOOPAL - Ultimate sand scoop with lightweight design (2lb 4oz), stainless steel body, three size hexagon patterns, sharp nose, reinforced shaft & textured stepping area for secure footing. Increase efficiency & reduce effort with superior design.

QUEST Scuba Tector Pro


See the ocean like never before with the QUEST Scuba Tector Pro. Its expansive search coil is twice as large as the Scuba Tector, providing twice the coverage but still folding to a compact size for easy travel and storage. With the STP, uncovering hidden treasures on the seafloor has never been easier..

QUEST X10 Pro Metal Detector


Experience metal-detecting like never before with the QUEST X10 Pro Metal Detector! This fully submersible machine features a built-in rechargeable battery, backlight, a variety of search modes, and a user slot for saved settings - all for less than $200! An upgrade from the original X10, the X10 Pro offers waterproof capability to 3 meters, 12 kHz frequency for increased sensitivity, a USB-C charging/headphone port, and an awesome vibrate function. Get your Quest X10 Pro today and start your adventure!

QUEST Scuba Tector Detector


Quest Scuba Tector w/ Li-Po, 5x4" coil, LED/buzzer/vibration alarm, 200ft/60M, ribbed body, two-button control, lost alarm, LED flashlight, power & mode switches. Structure: detection coil, effective area, LED flashlight, LED indicator, buzzer, power switch, mode switch, battery cover, anchor loop.

QUEST X5 Metal Detector


The All-New X5 is a a family detector you can share with your kid, husband or wife. It comes with our TurboD double D coil for best performance to handle high mineralized soil or beach hunting. With only 970gram unit weight and swappable middle stem, it can be transformed into a junior detector. The extreme intuitive operation MENU enables you jump into it with no learning curve.  

QUEST Q60 Metal Detector


Unlock the secrets of the underground with Quest's Q60 Metal Detector. The all-new multi-frequency technology allows you to explore and discover with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy, and its durable construction ensures your adventures will last for years to come. Unearth the unknown today with the Quest Q60 Metal Detector!

QUEST Q30 / Q30+ Metal Detector

from $329.00

QUEST Q30 Metal Detector is a waterproof, high-performance device. It includes a 9"x11" TurboD Raptor waterproof coil, volume control + vibration, wireless headphones, 3000mAh battery (14 hrs work), metal ID display, adjustable detector handle, depth display & 2-level screen light. USB charger included. Q30+ comes with additional wireless headphones.

QUEST Q20 Metal Detector


The Q20 metal detector from QUEST is perfect for anyone interested in metal detecting. It includes a lightweight coil to cover more ground, small headphones for comfortable treasure hunting and 2 years of warranty for your peace of mind. With its innovative features and adaptable design, the Q20 metal detector is the perfect way to start your treasure hunting journey.

XP Pinpointer MI-6 & MI-4

from $129.00

Introducing the XP Pinpointer MI-6 & MI-4! This state-of-the-art wireless pinpointer makes detecting easier than ever. With XP Detectors and a unique design, you can be sure of finding what you're looking for. Make detection effortless with the XP Pinpointer MI-6 & MI-4!

Deep Hunter Mobile ST

from $1,250.00

The Deep Hunter Mobile ST is a powerful handheld PI metal detector, featuring an auto ground balance and Smart Tune system. The detector also has a TRASH REJECT function, so you can choose what to detect - all targets or just large ones. It can use all Golden Mask PI coils, including the frame coil, for relic and meteorite hunting or coins with an optional 20 or 20x30 cm search coil. NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 8 hours of use. Wireless headphones not included. 6.35 mm - 1/4" headphone jack. 2-year warranty.

Nokta Premium Shovel


Unleash the power of the Nokta Premium Shovel for your metal detecting expeditions. This top-of-the-line shovel is built to withstand the toughest terrains and provide exceptional digging performance. Its sturdy construction and reinforced blade ensure durability and longevity, allowing you to dig with confidence. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use. Whether you're searching for coins, artifacts, or precious metals, the Nokta Premium Shovel is your ultimate companion. Upgrade your digging tools and maximize your treasure hunting potential with this premium-grade shovel. Get yours today and start unearthing remarkable discoveries.

Nokta Pin Pointer Detector


Discover hidden treasures with ease using the Nokta Pin Pointer Detector. This compact and powerful handheld metal detector is designed to help you pinpoint the exact location of buried objects. With its precision targeting capabilities, you'll spend less time digging and more time finding valuable treasures. Whether you're a seasoned metal detectorist or a beginner, this reliable and easy-to-use pin pointer detector is a must-have tool in your arsenal. Don't let those precious finds slip through your fingers. Enhance your metal detecting adventures with the Nokta Pin Pointer Detector. Get yours today and start uncovering valuable treasures like never before.

PulseDive Scuba Pointer Detector

from $119.00

Explore the depths with the PulseDive Scuba Pointer Detector by your side. Designed for underwater metal detecting, this versatile device is perfect for divers and water enthusiasts. Its compact and waterproof design ensures reliable performance in any underwater environment. With advanced pulse induction technology, the PulseDive Scuba Pointer Detector delivers accurate target detection, allowing you to uncover hidden treasures beneath the waves. Featuring a built-in vibrating alarm and LED indicator, you won't miss a valuable find. Dive into adventure and elevate your underwater detecting with the PulseDive Scuba Pointer Detector. Dive in today and discover a world of submerged treasures.

Impact Std / Impact Pro Metal Detector

from $599.00

The IMPACT Metal Detector features (12) search modes, (3) frequencies, and USB update capability. Search coins, relics, and caches without adjustment. Includes a Stand, Carrying Bag, USB Charger, Headphones, and more. For Impact Pro: System Box, two Coils & Covers, Extra Lower Shaft, Batteries, Manual, and covers. For Impact Std: System Box, one Coil & Cover, Headphones, Batteries, Cable, and Manual.

Coin & Jewelry Metal Detectors

Unearth Lost Treasures with Coin & Jewelry Metal Detectors Specialized for the detection of coins, jewelry, and small relics, our Coin & Jewelry Metal Detectors are tailored for hobbyists and professionals alike. With precision targeting and discrimination capabilities, you'll be uncovering historical and valuable finds in parks, old grounds, and battlefields.

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