Treasure Detectors

OKM Delta Ranger Treasure Detector

from $9,840.00

OKM DELTA RANGER: Multi-tech treasure detector w/ smartphone & exchangeable probes; long-range (miles) & 18 m (60 ft) deep; detect gold, jewelry, chests, voids, tunnels; 6 operating modes, digital compass, visual target indication, 14 languages, control by Smartphone App.

OKM Rover UC

from $10,280.00

Unleash the power of the Rover Series 3D metal detector, a groundbreaking innovation by OKM GERMANY. Discover the extraordinary with this advanced device that goes beyond traditional metal detection, creating stunning three-dimensional graphics of the hidden underground. Equipped with state-of-the-art Single-Sensor-Technology, it enables precise detection of concealed objects. Introducing the Rover UC, a game-changer in metal detecting technology. Compact, lightweight, and controlled through your smartphone, it offers unparalleled deep-seeking capabilities. Embrace the thrill of treasure hunting like never before with the Rover UC, where extraordinary adventures await at your fingertips.

OKM eXp 6000 Professional


The eXp 6000 ground scanner and metal detector is one of OKM’s top of the line detecting tools for treasure hunters, metal detectorists, archaeologists, prospectors, gold seekers and ground surveyors. This detector is completely wireless and can be controlled via touchscreen, video eye glasses or notebook. It is the world’s first 3D ground scanner that utilizes the innovative OKM Telescopic Probe which can be extended to 124 cm (4 ft).

OKM Gepard GPR 3D

from $23,810.00

Discover the OKM Gepard GPR 3D - a powerful ground penetrating radar for archaeology, geotechnical engineering, and treasure hunting. With a depth range of up to 40m, detect underground objects like pipelines, tunnels, and foundations. Experience 2D/3D visualization, live stream mode, and wireless data transfer. Unleash your exploration potential today!

OKM Pulse Nova


Discover the OKM Pulse Nova, a PI metal detector perfect for natural gold prospecting & metal detection. With detection depth of up to 3 meters, uncover hidden treasures with pinpoint accuracy. Exchangeable search coils for versatility and advanced features for a better user experience. Rechargeable battery for extended detecting sessions, plus wireless tech for data transfer. Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition software for analysis. Unearth secrets with this perfect companion for treasure hunters.

OKM Fusion Professional Plus

from $16,780.00

The Fusion metal detector & 3D ground scanner helps treasure hunters, gold seekers, adventurers and archaeologists find lost objects, artifacts, places and other historical items. The Professional Plus version allows vertical & horizontal orientation and provides 3D measurements, acoustic magnetic field measurements and live images. It supports 5 operating modes: Ground Scan, graphical 3D measurement, Live Sound, acoustic magnetic field measurement and Live Scan (Multi-Sensor, Ultrasound). SRIS search coil helps locate shallow metals and pinpoint targets. Visualizer 3D Software displays a 3D graphic of hidden objects and structures, enabling users to determine size, position and depth.

OKM Rover C4

from $12,280.00

Introducing OKM Rover C4: a 3D ground scanner & metal detector with 25m (82ft) detection depth. User-friendly touchscreen, multilingual interface & LED lighting. Exchangeable probes, instant target discrimination & wireless data transfer. Analyze data w/ included 3D software & immerse in audio feedback. A color display, rechargeable battery & more. Uncover hidden treasures like never before. OKM Rover C4: your exploration tool.

Jeohunter 3D Basic Dual System

from $3,300.00

Jeohunter 3D Dual System uses advanced tech to detect metals & cavities. It accurately distinguishes between four metal groups & analyses target depth & size. The search features work in highly mineralized terrain. The user interface is easy to understand & the system comes with 3 search coils. T100 searches for deep targets; T44 & T21 for general & small finds respectively.

Deephunter 3D Deep Treasures

from $4,500.00

Deephunter 3D Deep Treasures' IPTU unit, with its sensors, calculates the search coil's left-right and forward-back movements precisely and notes its height. The IPTU sensor traces the scanned area and targets, plus measures the width/length, target depth/shape, and dimensions for greater accuracy and data on potential treasures.

Invenio Nokta 3D Scanner Metal Detector

from $5,900.00

Invenio is a revolutionary metal detector providing real-time shapes, depth, dimensions, and discrimination of underground metals and ground anomalies. It's one of the biggest leaps in metal detector tech since 1930s. Packages include boxes, handles/shafts, sensors, headphones, chargers, cables, covers, mounting hardware, and sunshades.

Aurelian Gold & Metal Detector


Aurelian is a Long-Range metal detector from Next Labs Detectors – Germany, offering ease of use, simplicity, and powerful performance in finding deep metal targets. It has two search systems, a visual multilingual program, and an economical price. It detects non-ferrous metals, gold nuggets, relics, underground cavities, and more. The front scan range is 0-3000m, depth range is 0-25m, and it can identify targets such as gold, silver, bronze, and diamond. Manually adjustable settings and 8 languages make it simple to use. It includes parts, accessories, 3-year guarantee.

Infinity Max Pro Metal Detector by Mega Locators


Infinity Max Pro is the most comprehensive metal detector available, providing a range of detection tools for deep treasure, gold prospecting, underground cavities & tunnels. It combines 12 search systems with unique probes, sensors & coils into one advanced device. Features a modern, multilingual software program & Multi Visual Analyzer app for an easy user experience.

Viper Multi Detection Systems by Mega Locators


The Viper metal detector is a versatile and powerful tool designed for serious prospectors and treasure hunters. It combines multiple detection technologies, including Long-Range locator, ionic field detection, and Smart Detect technology, allowing for remote target detection, ancient burial detection, and the detection of small targets like coins and jewelry. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Viper offers professional-level performance at an affordable price, making it the ideal choice for prospectors worldwide.

Phoenix 3D Ground Scanner by Mega Locators


Phoenix is a 3D ground scanner with advanced tech for quicker, more accurate results in finding ancient artifacts and burials at great depths.The device from Mega Detection is for pro treasure hunters looking for antiquities and gold.Phoenix displays scan results on its screen or through an Android tablet with the “Multi Visual Analyzer” app for data analysis.Although meant for pros, its user-friendly multi-language software simplifies setting adjustments and result display.

MF 1100 Pro

from $2,950.00

MF 1100 sold in 3 packages: Standard (basic search system), Pro (long range & hybrid+ systems) & Super (3 search systems). MWF MF1100 PRO Standard: Comprehensive & reliable long-range detector for metal, caves, treasure, voids & banknotes. Features basic search system, accurate detection, data about target & location, signal filtering, ATS, device locking & user-friendly interface. Reliable performance. Pro Package: Advanced long-range & Hybrid+ systems, Geophysical Search System compatibility. Bear Claw operating system, interface, screen display & software. All accessories included. Pro offers expanded capabilities & versatility.



MF 9700 QUINARY: 6 Pro Metal Det Systems. To meet customer demands for an integrated search station to detect/explore minerals/resources, MWF created this device. It has advanced technical specs & modern systems, plus multi-search capabilities to verify & locate gold/metal/treasure/relics/water/void. Has long-range scanning, ionic search sys, geophysical analysis, mag sensor with sound/graphic data, & Ground Scan w/clear target images. All in a single device w/proven effectiveness, large HD color screen, & smart control programs.

LORENZ Deep Max Z2 System

from $7,500.00

Introducing the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z2, a compact and rugged metal detector designed with advanced tech and superior components. It offers enhanced detection range, versatile ground balancing, and user-friendly operation. Choose from basic or standard kits for optimal performance. Unleash its potential with optional data logger function. Experience the power, precision, and reliability of the DEEPMAX Z2.

CTX 3030 Waterproof Metal Detector


The CTX 3030 takes gold, coin, and treasure hunting to the next level, with its multi-frequency detection system, GPS, waterproof (up to 3m) and wireless audio capabilities. This Minelab technology is among the most advanced metal detectors on the market, offering high discrimination and displaying findings in different colors. It can even be used with a GPS to mark targets and locations.

Treasure Detectors

Embark on a Quest for Riches with Treasure Detectors Designed for the passionate treasure hunter, our Treasure Detectors are equipped with the latest technology to help you locate ancient artifacts, precious metals, and historical relics. With features that ensure depth, precision, and efficiency, your next great find is within reach.

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