Golden Mask Detectors

Deep Hunter Mobile ST

from $1,250.00

The Deep Hunter Mobile ST is a powerful handheld PI metal detector, featuring an auto ground balance and Smart Tune system. The detector also has a TRASH REJECT function, so you can choose what to detect - all targets or just large ones. It can use all Golden Mask PI coils, including the frame coil, for relic and meteorite hunting or coins with an optional 20 or 20x30 cm search coil. NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 8 hours of use. Wireless headphones not included. 6.35 mm - 1/4" headphone jack. 2-year warranty.

Deep Hunter Pro 5

from $1,099.00

The Pro 5 has 10% more depth than the Pro 3 and the same aluminum panel as the Pro 3SE. Boasting an AGEB for ease of use and military-grade electronics for performance and stability, it features a TRASH REJECT option to skip small objects. The Deep Hunter Pro 5 is designed to detect deep and very deep large and medium-sized metal objects, and has a special 'US edition' model for 60Hz power lines. It identifies metals by two LEDs: red for non-ferrous and green for ferrous.

Deep Hunter Pro 7

from $1,499.00

The Pro 7 is the successor of the Pro 3SE, with more depth and stability due to SMART TUNE tech. This PI metal detector has AGEB and manual ground balance settings with a 10-turn helipot. It also features a TRASH REJECT function. The Auto Ground Balance tracks the ground in real time, and two LEDs distinguish non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The Pro 7 is optimized for 50 Hz power lines; a 'US edition' caters to 60 Hz.


Explore the Depths with Golden Mask Detectors' Advanced VLF Technology

Golden Mask Detectors: Unveiling Historical Treasures Step into the world of professional treasure hunting with Golden Mask Detectors, a brand renowned for its robust and efficient metal detectors. Originating from the discovery of a 2400-year-old Thracian golden mask in Bulgaria, Golden Mask has established itself as a leading name in metal detection, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. These detectors are celebrated for their reliability, robustness, and effectiveness in locating metal objects.

Golden Mask's Exceptional Metal Detector Range

  1. Golden Mask 7: A high-performance, 4-frequency VLF metal detector, featuring the new 7G search coils and FX ground balance for use on mineralized or wet soils. It offers a range of frequencies - 4, 14, 24, and 44 kHz - making it versatile for various types of soil, including beaches with strong mineralization.
  2. Golden Mask 4Wcl: A coin and relics detector with a wireless search coil, known for its super-fast operation and exceptional depth and discrimination capabilities.
  3. Golden Mask 6: A model with pivotal frequencies for diverse terrains, enabling efficient detection of ancient coins, relics, and gold nuggets.
  4. Analog Electronics Advantage: Golden Mask's analog electronics allow users to hear very deep targets, a feature that fully digital machines may miss.

Why Opt for Golden Mask Detectors?

  • Quality and Durability: Built with the best quality electronic components to ensure longevity and minimal need for servicing or repairs.
  • Depth and Sensitivity: Known for their depth of detection and sensitivity to a wide range of metal objects.
  • Innovative Design: Continuously developing new models and search coils, Golden Mask stays at the forefront of metal detecting technology.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Offering a full 5-year warranty for electronics and 2 years for search coils and other parts, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Begin Your Treasure Hunt with Golden Mask Embark on your journey to uncover historical and valuable treasures with Golden Mask's state-of-the-art metal detectors. Explore our exclusive Golden Mask Detectors Collection here and join the community of treasure hunters who trust in the best for their explorations.

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