QUEST Metal Detectors

QUEST XPointer Pin-Pointer

from $99.00

QUEST XPointer is a mini detector with 3 models (X Basic, X Pro, X Max) from the American company QUEST. Focusing its detection at the tip, it allows for speedy, accurate target location. It's perfect for uncovering hidden items and artifacts, making it a must-have for treasure hunters and history enthusiasts.

QUEST Q35 Metal Detector


QUEST are proud to present the predecessor of one of our most popular machines, the Q30 — the new Q35. Boasting the same great features as the Q30, it also comes with Multi-Switch technology, allowing you to toggle through 3 different frequencies. We'll reveal more details and the release date at a future time — stay tuned! 🧡 The Q35's Multi-Switch technology makes it perfect for locating even the minutest of objects in challenging terrain. Experience more comfort and less digging to uncover ancient coins, relics, and gems. The Q35 is specifically crafted to provide speedy scanning yet precise detection for maximum effectiveness, so you can find objects with ease and accuracy. Its user-friendly controls further optimize convenience when scanning.

Quest STP20 Waterproof Search Coil


The Quest STP20 Waterproof Search Coil provides an all-weather solution for your Scuba Tector Pro. Its waterproof construction and dependable performance make it a perfect companion for your metal detector, allowing you to hunt for treasure in any conditions.

Quest Blade Waterproof Search Coil

from $17.00

The Quest Raptor Waterproof Search Coils offer unparalleled performance in wet conditions. The Double-D coils are designed to reduce interference and improve depth and target separation. The waterproof design allows for use in shallow water or rainy conditions. Experience the reliable performance of the Raptor Coils.

Quest Raptor Waterproof Search Coil

from $17.00

The Quest Raptor Waterproof Search Coils offer unparalleled performance in wet conditions. The Double-D coils are designed to reduce interference and improve depth and target separation. The waterproof design allows for use in shallow water or rainy conditions. Experience the reliable performance of the Raptor Coils.

Quest Beast Search Coils

from $17.00

QUEST BEAST SEARCH COIL 13 (13"x9") - comes in 2 different models that include adjustments to specific models for better search and locating capabilities while increasing accuracy technology. The Beast model is compatible with these models: X5, Q20, Q40, Q35, X10 The BeastX model is compatible with these models: Q30, Q30+, Q60

QUEST V80 Metal Detector

from $699.00

Discover hidden treasures with the NEW QUEST V80 Metal Detector! This reliable device is perfect for treasure hunters of all ages and skill levels, featuring adjustable sensitivity and depth settings for a perfectly tailored search. Its waterproof BLIZZARD search coil allows you to explore underwater and discover what lies beneath the surface. Start your next adventure today!

QUEST V60 Metal Detector


QUEST V60 - Unlock buried treasures with the QUEST V60 Metal Detector! Its advanced detection system provides unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to uncover metal objects quickly and with confidence. Get out there and start exploring – who knows what treasures may be waiting for you!

Quest Blizzard Waterproof Search Coil

from $17.00

The Quest Blizzard Turbo D Double D Waterproof Search Coil incorporates a GORILA coil configuration with two kidney-shaped coils for increased depth and higher mineralization resistance. Its copper wires are enclosed by resilient nylon frames that deliver a reliable response on hard surfaces, such as rocks and thick foliage. Additionally, the coil is equipped with a coil cover and is Epoxy resin-filled for waterproofness. This product is compatible with V80 and V60 models.

Scoopal® Sand Scoop Digging Tool


SCOOPAL - Ultimate sand scoop with lightweight design (2lb 4oz), stainless steel body, three size hexagon patterns, sharp nose, reinforced shaft & textured stepping area for secure footing. Increase efficiency & reduce effort with superior design.

Quest Diamond Digger Tool


Quest Diamond Digger is an essential digger and metal detecting accessory tool. Its digging blade is designed for maximum treasure finds, making it an ideal choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

QUEST Scuba Tector Pro


See the ocean like never before with the QUEST Scuba Tector Pro. Its expansive search coil is twice as large as the Scuba Tector, providing twice the coverage but still folding to a compact size for easy travel and storage. With the STP, uncovering hidden treasures on the seafloor has never been easier..

QUEST X10 Pro Metal Detector


Experience metal-detecting like never before with the QUEST X10 Pro Metal Detector! This fully submersible machine features a built-in rechargeable battery, backlight, a variety of search modes, and a user slot for saved settings - all for less than $200! An upgrade from the original X10, the X10 Pro offers waterproof capability to 3 meters, 12 kHz frequency for increased sensitivity, a USB-C charging/headphone port, and an awesome vibrate function. Get your Quest X10 Pro today and start your adventure!

QUEST Scuba Tector Detector


Quest Scuba Tector w/ Li-Po, 5x4" coil, LED/buzzer/vibration alarm, 200ft/60M, ribbed body, two-button control, lost alarm, LED flashlight, power & mode switches. Structure: detection coil, effective area, LED flashlight, LED indicator, buzzer, power switch, mode switch, battery cover, anchor loop.

QUEST X5 Metal Detector


The All-New X5 is a a family detector you can share with your kid, husband or wife. It comes with our TurboD double D coil for best performance to handle high mineralized soil or beach hunting. With only 970gram unit weight and swappable middle stem, it can be transformed into a junior detector. The extreme intuitive operation MENU enables you jump into it with no learning curve.  

QUEST X10 Metal Detector


The X10 is perfect for new treasure hunters. It features TurboD double D coil, intuitive menu, 3+1 searching modes, adjustable target ID, 5 tones and 10 ground balance detectors. Includes X10 detector, TurboD Blade coil, armrest band, USB charging cable. Lightweight and waterproof, perfect for a variety of conditions.

QUEST Q60 Metal Detector


Unlock the secrets of the underground with Quest's Q60 Metal Detector. The all-new multi-frequency technology allows you to explore and discover with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy, and its durable construction ensures your adventures will last for years to come. Unearth the unknown today with the Quest Q60 Metal Detector!

QUEST Q40 Metal Detector


Quest Q40 Metal Detector with 11 x 9″ Wide Scan TurboD waterproof search coil high performance metal detector. Metal detector for any purpose, from the American QUEST manufacture. Model Q40 has a waterproof search coil and is suitable for land and beach and riverbanks.

Venture into Treasure Hunting with Quest Metal Detectors

Quest Metal Detectors: Where Technology Meets Treasure Hunting Embark on an exciting adventure with Quest Metal Detectors, a brand that embodies the fusion of cutting-edge technology and the passion for treasure hunting. Quest Metal Detectors, founded by enthusiasts like you, offers a wide range of detectors and accessories tailored for artifact, coin, and treasure recovery. With a focus on innovative design and value, Quest Metal Detectors ensures that whether you're on land or in the water, you have the perfect tool for your treasure hunting quests.

Discover the Dynamic Range of Quest Metal Detectors

  1. QUEST V80 V60: These multi-frequency metal detectors are waterproof up to 20 feet and designed for versatility and precision in various detecting conditions.
  2. QUEST Q35: Waterproof up to 5 meters, the Q35 offers selectable multi-frequency options and is packed with advanced features for the ultimate treasure hunting adventure.
  3. QUEST X5: A perfect entry-level detector that provides a balance of functionality and simplicity, suitable for all ages and experience levels.
  4. QUEST X10 PRO: This model combines professional features with ease of use, making it a great choice for both seasoned detectorists and newcomers.
  5. QUESTPRO: Known as the world's first smart metal detector, the QUESTPRO offers selectable frequencies, wireless audio, and a modular design for a customized detecting experience.
  6. XPOINTER and SCUBA TECTOR: Enhance your detecting with these specialized tools, perfect for pinpointing and underwater treasure hunting.

Why Choose Quest Metal Detectors?

  • Innovative Designs: Quest Metal Detectors feature user-friendly designs combined with unique Quest innovations, providing an unparalleled detecting experience.
  • Global Presence: With a branch in the Netherlands, Quest ensures fast and efficient service, catering to the needs of treasure hunters across Europe and beyond.
  • Community Engagement: Quest actively sponsors metal detecting rallies and invests in technology development, reflecting their commitment to the detecting community.

Join the Quest for Hidden Treasures Ready to start your quest for hidden treasures? Explore our exclusive Quest Metal Detectors Collection here and dive into the world of advanced metal detection with Quest's state-of-the-art equipment.

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