GDI Detectors

Long Range Locator Eliminator E-120 B

from $290.00

Eliminator e-120 B: Powerful long-range gold detector with mineral rejection filter. Includes 2 locators and carry case for accurate metal discrimination.

RAYFINDER - Long Range Locator


RAYFINDER Long Range Locator allows users to set detection range from 300m-2100m+. It features powerful 24v peak-to-peak transmitter, and signal accuracy down to 0.1Hz. Its GROUND ID identifies minerals & wetness, while DGB & RAY Track ground filters automatically alter signal waveform to reject trash. 10 modes detect gold, silver, copper & more. Features DFS & 1Hz increments for manual frequency. LCD, battery condition meter & 360° rotation included. Distances adjustable from 300m-2100m+.

GEO EXAMINER 3D Metal Detector Gound Radar

from $590.00

GEO EXAMINER 3D is world's first tablet PC-operated imaging device, combining 3 treasure hunting methods: resistivity probing, magnetometer & metal detector. Unlock an advanced gold finder & 3D real-time imaging radar with a single device!.

QUATRO-FORCE Geological Locator


QUATROFORCE outperforms rivals: more power, smart hi-tech microprocessor analyser with color LCD and audio alarm, Ground Adjust setting to reject false gold readings, Automatic Test Probe Push Buttons, Target Dummy Loads for Gold & Iron for function check, laser-cut stainless steel in waterproof carry case.

Accumaster Pro Digital


Accumaster Pro Digital geophysical locator & gold detector designed for locating ground voids & gold treasures (e.g. cave, tunnel, bunker, tomb). Detects large masses of gold, metals, mineral ore & subsurface water. Proven in archaeology, geology, mining, gold & treasure hunting. Rejects small objects near ground surface. Easy to use with no adjustments; detects up to 33m. Digital bar graph for accurate OHM readings. Includes 4 ground rods, battery & charger. 2 yr warranty & instructions manual.

Gold X-Finder Detector


GDI X-FINDER detector locates metals, featuring 10 factory modes & 3 user-set ones. 2022 version (1.06) offers 10 range levels & improved functions. See our video for more.

MAGNASMART 3D Magnetometer


MAGNASMART 3D Magnetometer: Professional depth range, motionless operation, data logger compatible. Unleash your treasure hunting potential.

ICON DATA II - 3D Imagine Logger Software

from $849.00

ICON DATA II: Real-time 2D & 3D imaging logger for non-motion metal detectors. Wireless connectivity to Android devices. Easy and efficient target visualization.

GEOSENSIS X3 - 3D Ground Radar

from $2,150.00

GEOSENSIS X3: Collapsible round coils for easy storage. Enhanced depth & coverage with larger round coils. Compatible with ICON DATA for visuals & data capture. Kit version includes cable coil & pinpointer.

Unearth Hidden Wonders with GDI Detectors

GDI Detectors: Cutting-Edge Technology for Precision Detection Embark on your treasure hunting journey with GDI Detectors, renowned for their advanced technology and precision in metal and cavity detection. GDI Detectors offer a range of innovative products designed to elevate your experience in finding treasures, relics, and natural resources.

Discover the Premium Range of GDI Detectors

  1. GDI ACCUMASTER PRO DIGITAL: A high-precision digital detector that offers unparalleled accuracy in treasure location.
  2. GDI GEO EXAMINER 3D METAL DETECTOR GROUND RADAR: This ground radar seamlessly combines metal detection and geophysical technology for comprehensive underground imaging.
  3. GDI GEOSENSIS X3: A versatile and powerful detector, ideal for a wide range of detection activities including gold hunting and cavity detection.
  4. GDI MAGNASMART 3D MAGNETOMETER: This device stands out for its detailed 3D mapping capabilities, offering a thorough analysis of the subsurface.
  5. GDI PRO-ACCUMASTER VII: A next-generation detector that brings together high sensitivity and user-friendly features for both amateur and professional treasure hunters.
  6. GDI QUATROFORCE: A robust and effective tool for those who seek reliability and depth in their detection endeavors.

Why Opt for GDI Detectors?

  • Advanced Detection Technology: GDI Detectors are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring accurate and efficient detection of metals, cavities, and other valuable objects.
  • Versatile Product Range: Catering to a wide spectrum of needs, from amateur treasure hunting to professional geophysical surveys.
  • User-Friendly Interface: GDI Detectors are designed for ease of use, making them accessible to detectorists of all skill levels.

Begin Your Detection Adventure with GDI Whether you are a professional archaeologist, a hobbyist treasure hunter, or involved in geotechnical exploration, GDI Detectors provide the tools you need to uncover the secrets beneath your feet. Explore our exclusive GDI Detectors Collection here and step into a world of discovery and adventure.

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