Ionic Search System

Ajax Tropic Metal Detector


Unlock the secrets of the underground with the Ajax Tropic Gold Detector 🌟. This device offers precise discrimination between various metals and boasts a 2-meter depth reach. Ideal for detecting Gold, Silver, Bronze, and more, it's a perfect tool for efficient treasure hunting🔍.

Ajax Troy Metal Detector


Explore the depths with the Ajax Troy Detector 🌟. A high-performance device with 2 advanced detection systems, it reaches depths of 30 meters. Ideal for detecting Gold, Metals, Voids, and more in various applications like Mining and Archaeology🔍.

Ajax Ares Metal Detector


Discover the precision of the Ajax Ares Metal Detector 🌟. With a 20-meter depth reach and 4 sophisticated detection systems, this device is ideal for uncovering Gold, Silver, and more, ensuring efficient and precise treasure hunting🔍.

Ajax Omega


AJAX Omega: The ultimate water detection device with advanced technologies, precise targeting, and 3 powerful detection systems for accurate results.

Ajax Electra


Unlock the world of diamonds and gems with Electra. Advanced detection technology guides you to valuable treasures up to 2850 meters away.

Ajax Alpha Dual Long-Range Detection


Discover treasures with the AJAX Alpha Gold Detector. Remote sensing technology, long-range systems, and smart features make it the ultimate tool for treasure hunters worldwide.

Ajax Segma


Introducing AJAX Segma: The ultimate metal detector with advanced systems for gold and mineral detection. Unmatched performance and instant results.

Ajax Gamma


Discover gold, metals, and voids with Gamma. Advanced scanning systems and multi-tasking capabilities provide accurate detection and exploration up to 2850 meters.

AKS MULTI Detector

from $3,000.00

Introducing the AKS MULTI detector, the best Long Range device for gold, silver, and spaces/caves. Unmatched capabilities in just one device.


from $2,700.00

Discover buried treasures with AKS PRO, the advanced gold detector. Unveil the secrets hidden beneath the earth's surface.

Gold Step Pro Max Gold


Unlock your treasure-hunting potential with Gold Step Pro Max 2022. The ultimate professional detector, equipped with cutting-edge technology for fast and accurate detection of buried treasures.

BR 100 Pro Long Range System


Discover the BR 100 Pro, a cutting-edge treasure hunting device that combines long-range and vertical detection systems for unparalleled results. Unearth valuable treasures faster and easier with advanced technology and user-friendly features.

BR 20 Pro Gold Long Range Locator


Unleash the power of the BR 20 Pro, a compact yet highly advanced treasure detection device. Locate gold and treasures with precision using long-range technology and intuitive guidance features.

River-F Smart Long-range Water Detector


RIVER F detects underground water & artesian wells with long-range accuracy. It offers high-tech features along with six languages, soil types & device settings. Easy to use & less effort searching.

Gold Hunter Smart Detector


GER DETECT's Gold Hunter Smart has multiple features to detect gold, treasure, metals & diamonds up to 50m deep & 3,000m forward. It has a touch screen, thermometer, digital clock, sound mute/activate feature & a super Antenna. The device works w/ four systems: metal search, cave/void/tomb locator, diamond search & depth+analysis two-dimensional imaging. It comes with international ISO 9001 & CE certificates & supports 6 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian & Arabic.

Fresh Result 1 System Detector


FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM is a long-range water detector with multiple features, four languages (German – English – French, and Arabic) & range adjustable up to 2000 meters.

Diamond Hunter Smart Detector


DIAMOND HUNTER is a long-range device for detecting diamonds and gemstones in the ground. It features a super antenna that works in spiral systems for large areas and long distances. Its two transmission circuits operate according to ground induction. The antenna installation is simple: just place the super antenna on the device. When running, the transmitter circuit sends a signal to the receiver circuit, boosting the waves over 1,000 times for quick scanning of multiple areas.

Titan 500 Smart Detector


TITAN 500 SMART is the world's first of its kind, detecting gold, metals, treasures, diamonds and gemstones. With five years of development, the device boasts specialized systems and professional techniques to locate targets accurately from farther distances. It also identifies 18 gemstones, precious metals, meteorites and more. Additionally, the device features an electronic thermometer, digital clock and a touch-screen with a super antenna for greater coverage.

Ionic Search System

Reveal Ancient Secrets with Ionic Search Systems Unlock the mysteries of ancient sites with our Ionic Search Systems. Designed to detect long-buried objects by sensing their ionic field emissions, these detectors are perfect for archaeologists and treasure hunters seeking to uncover historical artifacts with minimal intrusion. Experience the thrill of discovering the past in a whole new way.

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