Advanced Metal Detectors

XP DEUS 2 FMF® Metal Detector

from $799.00

Discover hidden treasures with the XP DEUS 2 FMF® Metal Detector! This powerful detector is waterproof up to 20M, and boasts the fastest multi-frequency in its class. With 49 single frequencies between 4 to 45 kHz, you can enjoy advanced frequency shift and automatic frequency scan options for EMI noise cancel. Plus, you’ll get Bone Conduction HeadPhones for maximum clarity. Explore the wilderness like never before!

RAYFINDER - Long Range Locator


RAYFINDER Long Range Locator allows users to set detection range from 300m-2100m+. It features powerful 24v peak-to-peak transmitter, and signal accuracy down to 0.1Hz. Its GROUND ID identifies minerals & wetness, while DGB & RAY Track ground filters automatically alter signal waveform to reject trash. 10 modes detect gold, silver, copper & more. Features DFS & 1Hz increments for manual frequency. LCD, battery condition meter & 360° rotation included. Distances adjustable from 300m-2100m+.

QUEST Q60 Metal Detector


Unlock the secrets of the underground with Quest's Q60 Metal Detector. The all-new multi-frequency technology allows you to explore and discover with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy, and its durable construction ensures your adventures will last for years to come. Unearth the unknown today with the Quest Q60 Metal Detector!

CTX 3030 Waterproof Metal Detector


The CTX 3030 takes gold, coin, and treasure hunting to the next level, with its multi-frequency detection system, GPS, waterproof (up to 3m) and wireless audio capabilities. This Minelab technology is among the most advanced metal detectors on the market, offering high discrimination and displaying findings in different colors. It can even be used with a GPS to mark targets and locations.

GPZ 7000 Professional Metal Detector


GPZ 7000 Professional Metal Detector boasts distinctive ZVL tech, reaching 40% deeper than other devices. It features automatic ground balance in highly mineralized terrains and 265 channels to eliminate interference and noise. With easy to use settings and a user guide, this detector can easily find gold, even in the toughest of lands and depths. The powerful ZVT system creates intense magnetic fields for maximum depth and is equipped with Super-D, GPSI, and Wi-Stream tech for pinpoint accuracy.

Ajax Tropic Metal Detector


Unlock the secrets of the underground with the Ajax Tropic Gold Detector 🌟. This device offers precise discrimination between various metals and boasts a 2-meter depth reach. Ideal for detecting Gold, Silver, Bronze, and more, it's a perfect tool for efficient treasure hunting🔍.

Ajax Troy Metal Detector


Explore the depths with the Ajax Troy Detector 🌟. A high-performance device with 2 advanced detection systems, it reaches depths of 30 meters. Ideal for detecting Gold, Metals, Voids, and more in various applications like Mining and Archaeology🔍.

Ajax Ares Metal Detector


Discover the precision of the Ajax Ares Metal Detector 🌟. With a 20-meter depth reach and 4 sophisticated detection systems, this device is ideal for uncovering Gold, Silver, and more, ensuring efficient and precise treasure hunting🔍.

Gold Master 24K Metal Detector


Elevate your gold prospecting with the Garrett Goldmaster 24k Metal Detector, a standout at Tailored for the finest gold detection, this high-frequency, 48 kHz detector excels in uncovering the tiniest gold nuggets, jewelry, and relics. Its innovative XGB Ground Balance System and Iron and Hot Rock Elimination feature ensure you stay focused on valuable finds. Rainproof and equipped with a waterproof coil, the Goldmaster 24k promises reliability in all conditions. Its lightweight, ergonomic design and customizable settings offer comfort and efficiency for prospectors of all levels.

GTI 2500 Garrett Metal Detector


Discover the power of the GTI 2500 Garrett Metal Detector. With advanced imaging technology and precise target identification, this detector brings a new level of performance to your treasure hunting adventures. Experience unparalleled depth, accuracy, and versatility in locating coins, relics, and other valuable items. Unleash your inner explorer with the GTI 2500!

AT (All Terrain) Max-Pro-Gold Metal Detector

from $588.00

Experience maximum detection and all-terrain performance with the AT-MAX. The AT-PRO brings hunted-out sites back to life with its waterproof design. The AT-GOLD is hot on gold nuggets, relics, coins, and more!

Golden Way Metal Detector


Golden Way Detector features an electromagnetic VLF system for locating underground gold, raw gold, and coins. It offers multi-use, high accuracy, and deep detection up to 3 meters. It's fast, easy to use, and cost-efficient, with no programming necessary. Proven worldwide, it's an ideal device for beginners to become experts in obtaining the best results.

Gold Seeker Detector


GOLD SEEKER's pulse induction system detects buried gold, nuggets, coins. It has two systems: ground induction to generate Eddy Current signals, and Double D Coil to generate spiral waves to analyze signals from targets. It calibrates with ground to ensure it's unaffected by moisture, rocks, salts, etc.

Deep Hunter Mobile ST

from $1,250.00

The Deep Hunter Mobile ST is a powerful handheld PI metal detector, featuring an auto ground balance and Smart Tune system. The detector also has a TRASH REJECT function, so you can choose what to detect - all targets or just large ones. It can use all Golden Mask PI coils, including the frame coil, for relic and meteorite hunting or coins with an optional 20 or 20x30 cm search coil. NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 8 hours of use. Wireless headphones not included. 6.35 mm - 1/4" headphone jack. 2-year warranty.

Impact Std / Impact Pro Metal Detector

from $599.00

The IMPACT Metal Detector features (12) search modes, (3) frequencies, and USB update capability. Search coins, relics, and caches without adjustment. Includes a Stand, Carrying Bag, USB Charger, Headphones, and more. For Impact Pro: System Box, two Coils & Covers, Extra Lower Shaft, Batteries, Manual, and covers. For Impact Std: System Box, one Coil & Cover, Headphones, Batteries, Cable, and Manual.

Anfibio Multi Metal Detector


The Anfibio's range of new settings and seven optional coils make it robust and reliable. With its superior depth, speed, and performance, it offers an ideal choice for coin, relic, and jewelry hunters. The single menu design enables easy operation, eliminating tedious navigation and saving detecting time. Anfibio Multi (5/14/20 kHz) is suitable for multiple uses.

The Legend Nokta Metal Detector

from $649.00

Unleash the power of The Legend Nokta Metal Detector, a treasure hunter's dream come true. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this detector offers unparalleled performance and accuracy. Whether you're searching for coins, relics, or precious metals, The Legend will guide you to your next great discovery. Experience the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures with The Legend Nokta Metal Detector.

QUEST V80 Metal Detector

from $699.00

Discover hidden treasures with the NEW QUEST V80 Metal Detector! This reliable device is perfect for treasure hunters of all ages and skill levels, featuring adjustable sensitivity and depth settings for a perfectly tailored search. Its waterproof BLIZZARD search coil allows you to explore underwater and discover what lies beneath the surface. Start your next adventure today!

Advanced Metal Detectors

Advanced Metal Detectors for Serious Explorers Unlock deeper secrets of the earth with our Advanced Metal Detectors. Tailored for serious enthusiasts and professionals, these detectors offer sophisticated features and technologies to tackle challenging terrains and locate deeper buried treasures. Enhance your detecting capabilities and go beyond the surface with our advanced selection.

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