3D Imaging Systems

UIG Ground Scanner Detector

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Unearth the extraordinary with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector. This groundbreaking device combines three cutting-edge imaging systems, letting you explore up to 30 meters below the surface with unmatched precision. Whether it's precious metals, ancient relics, or hidden chambers, embark on a journey of discovery with the compact, lightweight UIG Ground Scanner Detector – your ultimate companion for uncovering the secrets of the earth.

AKS GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner

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Embark on an extraordinary treasure hunting and geological surveying adventure with the AKS GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner. Powered by advanced 3D imaging technology, this state-of-the-art scanner allows you to explore the Earth's mysteries with unmatched precision. Discover hidden treasures, unearth concealed structures, and venture into the depths like never before. With the AKS GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner as your trusted companion, get ready to revolutionize your exploration capabilities and unlock endless possibilities.

Royal Analyzer Pro 6000

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Experience the power of Royal Analyzer Pro, the ultimate imaging system for prospectors and gold seekers. Discover minerals, treasures, and more with unparalleled accuracy and advanced features. Get the latest version for superior performance and dynamic design.

LORENZ Deep Max Z2 System

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Introducing the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z2, a compact and rugged metal detector designed with advanced tech and superior components. It offers enhanced detection range, versatile ground balancing, and user-friendly operation. Choose from basic or standard kits for optimal performance. Unleash its potential with optional data logger function. Experience the power, precision, and reliability of the DEEPMAX Z2.

Jeohunter 3D Basic Dual System

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Jeohunter 3D Dual System uses advanced tech to detect metals & cavities. It accurately distinguishes between four metal groups & analyses target depth & size. The search features work in highly mineralized terrain. The user interface is easy to understand & the system comes with 3 search coils. T100 searches for deep targets; T44 & T21 for general & small finds respectively.

Invenio Nokta 3D Scanner Metal Detector

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Invenio is a revolutionary metal detector providing real-time shapes, depth, dimensions, and discrimination of underground metals and ground anomalies. It's one of the biggest leaps in metal detector tech since 1930s. Packages include boxes, handles/shafts, sensors, headphones, chargers, cables, covers, mounting hardware, and sunshades.

Deephunter 3D Deep Treasures

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Deephunter 3D Deep Treasures' IPTU unit, with its sensors, calculates the search coil's left-right and forward-back movements precisely and notes its height. The IPTU sensor traces the scanned area and targets, plus measures the width/length, target depth/shape, and dimensions for greater accuracy and data on potential treasures.

Gold Scan III - 3D gold Scanner

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KTS-Electronic presents GOLD SCAN III, the successor of GOLD SCAN II. With 25 years of experience in gold detectors, KTS has improved on the design: a 30% increase in search performance and new metal discrimination and touch display features. Benefits include wireless data transfer, external Li-Ion battery, rechargeable in 90 mins, and a range of search coils. Combined with 3D visualisation software, GOLD SCAN III makes treasure hunting effortless. A power inverter, car charger, and 2-year warranty are all included.

GPA 3000 XS - 3D Ground Scanner

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The GPA 3000 XS is a reliable and efficient tool for professional treasure hunters and gold prospectors, offering advanced features, high detection depth, and user-friendly operation. With its exceptional performance and versatility, it stands out as a top choice for those seeking valuable finds and hidden treasures.

GPA 1000 XS - 3D Ground Scanner

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The KTS-Electronic GPA 1000 XS is a professional ground scanner and metal detector designed for gold prospecting, treasure hunting, and cavity detection. Developed and produced in Germany, this advanced device offers exceptional performance and innovative features to enhance your detecting experience.

KS 800 GPR Ground Radar

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The KS 800 metal detector has new software with many features. It can be used in geology, mining, archaeology and to locate historical sites, objects and spaces underground. It can sense regressive and water, metals and objects, and scan thick walls. Its advantages include: Continuous measurement, auto-saved data, 3D display, external storage, Voxler loading, Internet connection and surface search. The device consists of antenna, battery, trolley, touchpad, 2D/3D software, USB and 16KB buffer memory. Its dimensions: 26cm (without chassis)/1.25cm (with chassis), 43cm wide, 63cm long. The FMCW ground radar offers a single antenna for all depth ranges.

KS700 GPR Ground Radar

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The KS700 is for cavity location. It includes an electronic control unit, shielded antenna, power supply, data visualization software and 2D/3D software. Applications include archeology, contamination investigation, underground exploration, risk exclusion and old tunnel/room location. It uses FMCW radar, locating up to 40m in solid rock and 60m in limestone (for wide, high WWII tunnels).

GEO EXAMINER 3D Metal Detector Gound Radar

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GEO EXAMINER 3D is world's first tablet PC-operated imaging device, combining 3 treasure hunting methods: resistivity probing, magnetometer & metal detector. Unlock an advanced gold finder & 3D real-time imaging radar with a single device!.

ICON DATA II - 3D Imagine Logger Software

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ICON DATA II: Real-time 2D & 3D imaging logger for non-motion metal detectors. Wireless connectivity to Android devices. Easy and efficient target visualization.

Gold Step Pro Max Gold

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Unlock your treasure-hunting potential with Gold Step Pro Max 2022. The ultimate professional detector, equipped with cutting-edge technology for fast and accurate detection of buried treasures.

AKS Multi GFIS3D™ Scanner

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AKS DETECTORS presents the GFIS3D™, the world's smallest and most advanced device for 3D scanning underground layers. The AKS MULTI GFIS 3D offers dual systems for unmatched treasure detection. Unveil hidden treasures with precision.

Ajax Alpha

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Discover treasures with the AJAX Alpha Gold Detector. Remote sensing technology, long-range systems, and smart features make it the ultimate tool for treasure hunters worldwide.

MWF Ground Scope

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GROUND SCOPE is a specialized device that detects gold, treasures, metal and caves underground up to 14 meters deep. It features a radar imaging system and provides 3D data for the shape of detected objects. It's one of the world's best and latest imaging scanners, accurate and easy to use without external software. Results are displayed directly on-screen and offered at an economical price.

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