WF 202 Pro+


WF-202 Pro+ Groundwater Detector w/2 detection systems. Updated & developed entirely, incl. transceiver systems & long distance water sensing for exploration & detection. Has multi-lingual software, TFT color display, & optional lists. Gives high-accurate results & can locate water & drilling points. Smart operating systems provide rapid control & complete settings programs.

MWF Aqua


MWF AQUA Groundwater Detector uses long distance sensing (LDS) & acoustic identification systems to locate water from 200m, in 360° with precise control. It offers high rigor frequency waves to identify & detect groundwater, with several search distance levels adjustable by the user. Small & easy to use, it can be placed in the pocket & used by anyone without experience.

MWF Navvy


MWF Navvy is a cutting-edge device for detecting groundwater. It offers modern features for accurately and effectively monitoring it, such as a high sensitivity for quickly locating water sources, an accuracy of determining water location, and acoustic signals to indicate the path of the water. Additionally, its digital compass screen displays directions and target paths. This device can reach depths of up to 500m and scan a 2000m radius for water.

WF 101 III


WF 101 III, in its 3rd gen version, is No. 1 in the world for advanced search & detection. Developed with smart tech, it offers quick control of settings & programs. Its Bear Claw OS provides integrated smart interface on a cool screen display. Multi-functional detection systems & high-level tech ensure accurate groundwater location.

WF 303 GH


The MWF WF 303 GH device reduces trouble & fatigue while providing accurate, certain results about groundwater for well-digging. Over 7 yrs of research & development have gone into this advanced device, capable of detecting & exploring water up to 800 m depth & 2 km distance. It analyzes soil & water, detects metallic rocks, granite & cavities that may hinder drilling, & produces a detailed report to prevent drilling errors. Equipped with two systems, geophysical survey & Handheld LRL.

GF 500


GF-500 device works on Long Distance Sensing (LDS) system and has acoustic identification systems to find target's path and center. It offers high frequency waves to detect underground diamonds and gemstones up to 200m away with 360° angles, and 10m search depth. It's lightweight and simple to use; anyone can use it with no experience or prior knowledge.

MWF Spark Nugget


Gold Ore & Nuggets Detector MWF Spark (Gold Nugget) device works on the long-distance sensing system (LDS), the advanced and built-in with acoustic identification systems to locate the path and...

MWF Spark Detector


Spark device utilizes LDS and acoustic identification systems to detect gold, treasures and blanks up to 200m away in 360° with precise control. It can search up to 10m underground with adjustable horizontal scan and depth control. This small and easy-to-use device can fit in your pocket and can be used without prior experience.

MWF Vigor Detector


The MWF VIGOR Detector is a sophisticated device ideal for detecting gold, treasures and cavities. It boasts advanced features for accurately monitoring underground targets, including high sensitivity for speedy detection, accurate verification of the target's location and acoustic indicators to pinpoint its exact path. The device also has a digital compass on its screen to show directions and the target's path. It has a detection depth of 20 m, and can detect targets up to 2000 m circular.

GF 1000


Introducing the revolutionary GF 1000 (33 Elements Detectors): the first of its kind and the latest technology to detect wealth beneath the ground! This device uses advanced detection techniques to find up to 33 gems, gold, diamonds, and metallic ores. After undergoing extensive development and multiple experiments and trials in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, the GF 1000 has achieved amazing success and enabled the extraction of tons of precious metals and rare stones! Reaching depths of 200 meters and distances of 2500 meters, this device's detection capabilities are truly beyond imagination!

MWF Gold Line


Gold Line device is our advanced gold detector, developed over 3 years. It offers faster response, better electronic focus, and target location guidance, reducing effort and time.

MWF Gold Radar


Gold Detector Device built-in Ionian and Radar Detection System To Detect & Search For Gold Underground. Gold Radar : New scientific innovation in the world of gold detection and exploration devices, Gold Radar is the result of many trials and lengthy studies, which lasted for more than three years. Gold Radar is one of the easiest devices in dealing in the software, fastest and most accurate of target location detecting.

MWF Ground Scope


GROUND SCOPE is a specialized device that detects gold, treasures, metal and caves underground up to 14 meters deep. It features a radar imaging system and provides 3D data for the shape of detected objects. It's one of the world's best and latest imaging scanners, accurate and easy to use without external software. Results are displayed directly on-screen and offered at an economical price.

MF 1100 Pro

from $2,950.00

MF 1100 sold in 3 packages: Standard (basic search system), Pro (long range & hybrid+ systems) & Super (3 search systems). MWF MF1100 PRO Standard: Comprehensive & reliable long-range detector for metal, caves, treasure, voids & banknotes. Features basic search system, accurate detection, data about target & location, signal filtering, ATS, device locking & user-friendly interface. Reliable performance. Pro Package: Advanced long-range & Hybrid+ systems, Geophysical Search System compatibility. Bear Claw operating system, interface, screen display & software. All accessories included. Pro offers expanded capabilities & versatility.



MF 1200 ACTIVE is an updated and developed device with 3 detection systems, including transceiver, ionic detection, and verification systems. It is multi-functional, multi-lingual, and has a smart modern software and TFT color display. It can accurately detect underground resources, mineral, gold, minerals, water, etc., providing optional lists. Thanks to its smart operating systems, users have complete and rapid control of all device programs.



MF 1500 Smart offers 4 sophisticated, high-accuracy detection systems, multiple search listings, and smart technology. After 4 years of studies & experiments, MWF Group grants high-accuracy detection with no errors. It specializes in detection & exploration of underground resources, like gold, minerals, water, gemstone, & diamonds. It comes with optional lists & a multi-language mode for seamless control of device programs. Benefits include locating points for drilling & determining size & depth of target.



MF 9700 QUINARY: 6 Pro Metal Det Systems. To meet customer demands for an integrated search station to detect/explore minerals/resources, MWF created this device. It has advanced technical specs & modern systems, plus multi-search capabilities to verify & locate gold/metal/treasure/relics/water/void. Has long-range scanning, ionic search sys, geophysical analysis, mag sensor with sound/graphic data, & Ground Scan w/clear target images. All in a single device w/proven effectiveness, large HD color screen, & smart control programs.

Uncover Hidden Treasures with MWF Metal Detectors' Advanced Technology

MWF Detectors: Precision Engineering for Accurate Discovery Explore the world of metal detection with MWF Detectors, an American-Turkish company renowned for its high-quality, precision-engineered metal, treasure, and groundwater detectors. Established in 2008 and based in both the United States and Turkey, MWF Detectors has been at the forefront of developing innovative detection technologies, designed to uncover hidden treasures with unparalleled accuracy.


Advanced Technology for Unparalleled Detection

  1. Diverse Product Range: From the MF 1100 PRO to the groundbreaking GF 1000, MWF offers a wide array of metal detectors to suit every need and budget.
  2. Innovative Systems: Featuring long-range systems, electromagnetic systems, and acoustic detection systems, MWF detectors are designed to provide accurate and deep detection.
  3. User-Friendly Designs: MWF detectors are known for their ease of use, making them suitable for both professionals and hobbyists.
  4. Versatile Applications: Whether you are looking for gold, treasures, gems, or water, MWF has a specialized detector for your specific exploration needs.

Why Choose MWF Detectors?

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Made in the USA and Turkey, MWF detectors are built with the utmost care and precision.
  • Global Reach: With distributors worldwide, MWF ensures that their cutting-edge technology is accessible to treasure hunters across the globe.
  • Continuous Innovation: Always at the forefront of technology, MWF continually develops new products and updates to stay ahead in the field of metal detection.

Embark on Your Treasure Hunting Journey Take your exploration to the next level with MWF Metal Detectors. Discover the full range of MWF products here and join the community of enthusiasts uncovering the secrets hidden beneath our feet.

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