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Unearth the extraordinary with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector. This groundbreaking device combines three cutting-edge imaging systems, letting you explore up to 30 meters below the surface with unmatched precision. Whether it's precious metals, ancient relics, or hidden chambers, embark on a journey of discovery with the compact, lightweight UIG Ground Scanner Detector – your ultimate companion for uncovering the secrets of the earth.

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Unveil Hidden Treasures with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector!

Unlock the Secrets of the Earth's Depths with Advanced 3D Technology.

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery? Introducing the revolutionary UIG Ground Scanner Detector – your ultimate tool for unearthing precious metals, hidden treasures, ancient relics, and more. This cutting-edge device is your passport to a world of adventure, utilizing a trio of unparalleled imaging systems to bring the unseen to light. Get ready to explore with unrivaled accuracy and unearth the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.UIG GROUND SCANNER DETECTOR

Key Features:

🌟 Triple-Powered Exploration: The UIG Ground Scanner Detector harnesses the power of three distinct imaging systems, all in one compact device. Experience the ultimate fusion of technology designed to cater to your mineral, treasure, and archaeological exploration needs.

🌟 High-Speed Precision: Delve deep into the ground with remarkable speed and pinpoint accuracy. Whether you're hunting for precious metals or investigating ancient walls, the UIG Ground Scanner Detector is your trusty companion for accurate target detection.

🌟 Ancient Wall Insights: Take your exploration to the next level with the device's exceptional ability to scan and reveal hidden targets within ancient archaeological walls. Uncover history's best-kept secrets with unprecedented clarity.

🌟 Swift Mobility: Our lightweight movable arm ensures effortless scanning and photography of your targets. Seamlessly navigate diverse terrains as you hunt for treasures, all while enjoying the convenience of our ergonomic design.

🌟 Distinctive Target ID: Easily differentiate between valuable minerals and empty voids with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector's dual sound output feature. Let your ears guide you to your next exciting find.

🌟 Precise Depth Detection: Accurately measure target depth in meters, allowing you to mark your discoveries with confidence. Experience the thrill of uncovering hidden riches, all while benefiting from high-precision data.

🌟 Global Accessibility: Language barriers won't hold you back. Our device supports multiple languages – English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese – right at your fingertips.

🌟 Silent Mode Option: Seamlessly switch between sound and silence as you explore. The choice is yours, providing a customizable experience tailored to your preferences.

UIG Ground 3D Scanner Metal Detector - Detectors1 LLC-5

Triple the Power, Triple the Discoveries:

The UIG Ground Scanner Detector is equipped with not one, not two, but three advanced underground detection and imaging systems:

🔍 Live Ground Scan System: Visualize what's hidden beneath your feet in real-time, opening the door to countless possibilities.

🔍 Live Wall Scan System: Uncover the secrets of ancient walls with the ability to scan and reveal hidden treasures within their depths.

🔍 3D Imaging System: Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional representation of the underground landscape, gaining unprecedented insights into what lies beneath.UIG GROUND SCANNER DETECTOR - detectors1 llc

Unmatched Depth:

Reach depths of up to 30 meters underground with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector. Our German-engineered masterpiece stands as a testament to precision and innovation, certified with the European CE and ISO 9001 international standards.

Designed for the World:

Wherever your journey takes you, the UIG Ground Scanner Detector is your reliable companion. Crafted to be compatible with all countries and regions, it's time to embrace a world of possibilities.

Embrace the future of exploration with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector. Unearth treasures, rewrite history, and embark on an adventure that transcends time and boundaries. Your journey starts now.

UIG Ground 3D Scanner Metal Detector - Detectors1 LLC

Revolutionary Imaging Systems of the UIG Ground Scanner Detector

Unleash the Power of Three Distinct Systems for Unprecedented Exploration.

UIG Ground 3D Scanner Metal Detector - Detectors1 LLC-1


1. Live Ground Scan System

Unveil the Subsurface Secrets in Real Time.

Experience the thrill of real-time discovery with the Live Ground Scan System. This innovative technology offers a dynamic view of what lies beneath the surface, providing instant insights into buried treasures, precious metals, and more. With the ability to scan and visualize hidden targets as you navigate diverse terrains, you're equipped to delve deeper into the earth's mysteries than ever before.


2. Live Wall Scan System

Uncover the Enigmas Within Ancient Walls.

Embark on a journey through history with the Live Wall Scan System. This feature allows you to peer into the depths of ancient archaeological walls, revealing hidden treasures and artifacts that have been concealed for centuries. Witness history come to life as you explore the intricate details of these structures and unearth the stories they hold.


3. 3D Imaging System

A New Dimension in Exploration.

Prepare to be amazed by the 3D Imaging System – a technological marvel that transforms your understanding of underground landscapes. Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional representation of what lies beneath, gaining unparalleled insights into the topography, voids, and structures hidden from view. With this system, you'll navigate subterranean environments with newfound clarity, enhancing your ability to identify and uncover valuable targets.


The UIG Ground Scanner Detector's three distinct imaging systems merge seamlessly, each contributing a unique layer of information to your exploration journey. As you harness the power of these systems, you're not just detecting anomalies; you're uncovering narratives, rewriting history, and discovering treasures that have long remained concealed from the world. Embark on an adventure that transcends time and boundaries, and become a part of the legacy of discovery with the UIG Ground Scanner Detector.

UIG Ground 3D Scanner Metal Detector - Detectors1 LLC-2

UIG Ground Scanner Detector device is one of the best German devices with the European CE certification according to international specifications in addition to the international ISO 9001 certificate.

Device without sensor (Closed)575 mm
Device with sensor (Closed)600 mm
Device with sensor (Opened)880 mm
Frequency2.4 GHz Radio
Data Processing Speed
Speed72 MHz
Operating Temperature Range
Range0°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity Range
RangeUp to 95% non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range
Range–20°C to 70°C
Storage Humidity Range
RangeUp to 98% Relative Humidity
Operating Time (27 Wh Battery)
Time10 Hours
Waterproof Rating – Detector
RatingNot waterproof (weatherproof only)
BT144 Battery Technical Specifications
TypeRechargeable Battery – External Battery
Output VoltageLi-ion 10.8 VDC
CapacityLi-ion 27 Wh
Run Time10 Hours
Battery Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Battery Storage Temperature–5°C to 70°C
Battery Charger Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature–30°C to 80°C
Input Voltage90 → 250 VAC 50→60 Hz
USB Output Current5 VDC / 2100 mA
Other Technical Specifications
Total Weight3900 g
Device Weight1100 g
Battery Weight330 g
Bag Weight (Empty)2230 g
Bag Dimensions635 mm x 335 mm x 145 mm

UIG Ground 3D Scanner Metal Detector - Detectors1 LLC-3

:افضل جهاز تصويري لكشف المعادن الثمينه والكنوز الدفينة والمقابر تحت الارض جهاز

UIG Ground Scanner User Manual

Click Here to download the UIG Ground Scanner User Manual.

Effortless Visualization, Anywhere.

Elevate your exploration experience with the Tablet's Stand. Designed for convenience, this accessory ensures you have a clear view of your findings as they unfold. Whether in the field or at basecamp, the stand provides stability, allowing you to analyze data and plan your next move with ease.

Your Window to Discovery.

Seamlessly integrate technology into your quest for hidden treasures with the Tablet accessory. Harness its power to control and monitor the UIG Ground Scanner Detector, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your exploration endeavors, all at your fingertips.

Uninterrupted Excursions.

Keep your journey going with the Car Charger accessory. Whether you're traversing remote landscapes or urban environments, this accessory ensures that your UIG Ground Scanner Detector remains powered and ready to unveil secrets, wherever the road takes you.

Power Up for Uncharted Territories.

Stay fully charged and ready for your next adventure with the Battery Charger. This essential accessory rejuvenates your device's power source, allowing you to explore without limits and discover the depths of the earth with confidence.



Extended Power, Extended Exploration.

Extend your exploration time with the 2500 mAh Battery accessory. With its enhanced capacity, you'll have more hours to delve into the mysteries of the underground, ensuring that no treasure remains hidden from your grasp.


 titan 1000 - CD & Warranty

Comprehensive Support at Your Fingertips.

Unlock the UIG Ground Scanner – CD & Warranty accessory, your comprehensive guide to operating and maximizing the potential of your UIG Ground Scanner Detector. Backed by a warranty, you'll embark on your exploration journey with the assurance of Titan's support. 

Ergonomic Comfort, Precise Control.

Equip yourself with the Device's Handle accessory for a secure and comfortable grip. Navigate terrains and uncover treasures with ease, as you maintain precise control over your UIG Ground Scanner Detector.

Seamless Scanning, Flawless Results.

Achieve optimal scanning and imaging results with the Arm of the Imaging Sensor accessory. Designed for efficiency, this arm allows you to effortlessly capture valuable data while keeping your device steady and your exploration accurate.

Reveal the Unseen.

The Imaging Sensor accessory is at the heart of your exploration. With its advanced technology, you'll peer into the depths of the earth, exposing hidden treasures and unraveling mysteries that have remained concealed for generations.

Safeguard Your Investment.

Protect your UIG Ground Scanner Detector with the Carrying Bag accessory. Crafted to shield your device from the elements, this bag ensures your technology remains safe as you venture into the unknown, safeguarding your tool for uncovering the extraordinary.

International certificates for devices

Cϵ marking certification

The CE certificate represents the conformity of the functioning of the devices and their safety of use which applies to international manufacturing standards.

Cϵ marking certification ger detect

International ISO 9001 Certification

International ISO 9001 Certification according to the international standards and specifications.

Cϵ marking certification ger detect

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UIG Ground Scanner Detector