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Metal and Gold Detector new dimension of treasure hunting with the cutting-edge UIG Gold Digger Metal and Gold Detector. Equipped with seven advanced search systems, this lightweight powerhouse excels in all terrains, reaching depths others can't. Unearth gold nuggets, precious coins, and more with unparalleled precision. Elevate your treasure hunting game today and embark on a journey of discovery like never before!

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Introducing the Revolutionary UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector: Unearth Hidden Treasures with Unparalleled Precision

Are you ready to embark on a treasure-hunting adventure like no other? UIG Detectors proudly unveils its groundbreaking creation - the UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector. A true marvel of engineering, this state-of-the-art device is set to redefine the world of treasure detection and recovery. Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the exceptional features that make the UIG Gold Digger a must-have for every treasure enthusiast.

UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector

Discover What Lies Beneath: The UIG Gold Digger Advantage

🌟 Unleash Seven Search Systems for Unrivaled Performance Unveiling a new era of treasure detection, the UIG Gold Digger harnesses the power of seven cutting-edge search systems. These advanced technologies work harmoniously to unveil gold and precious metals concealed beneath the earth's surface. From gold nuggets to silver coins, bronze artifacts to valuable gold veins, this extraordinary device has your treasure-hunting aspirations covered.

🌐 Global Compatibility: Your Quest Knows No Boundaries Designed with a global perspective in mind, the UIG Gold Digger transcends geographical limitations. Equipped to seamlessly operate across various countries and regions, this detector truly speaks the language of treasure no matter where you are in the world.

🎯 Precision Redefined: Unearth Targets at Unimaginable Depths Embark on a journey to the heart of untold riches with the UIG Gold Digger. Engineered to reach extraordinary depths that were once deemed unreachable, this device takes you places where others simply can't. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the exhilarating prospect of uncovering precious metals concealed deep within the ground.

💡 Innovative Distinction: Separating Precious from Ordinary Raising the bar for metal detection precision, the UIG Gold Digger integrates professional and innovative search systems. This groundbreaking technology enables you to effortlessly differentiate between precious and non-precious metals. With every beep and signal, you'll experience the thrill of knowing that your discovery could be the find of a lifetime.

🌄 Conquer Every Terrain with Ease Whether you're navigating rugged landscapes or serene terrains, the UIG Gold Digger is your trusted companion. Its multi-functionality and exceptional efficiency ensure that no condition or environment can deter your pursuit of hidden treasures. Unleash the power of advanced detection, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

🚀 Simplicity Meets Sophistication: Lightweight and User-Friendly Crafted to offer both technology enthusiasts and beginners an unparalleled experience, the UIG Gold Digger boasts a lightweight and user-friendly design. Say goodbye to complicated setups and cumbersome equipment. Embrace a device that seamlessly blends innovation with simplicity.

UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector1

Certifiably Superior: Excellence Recognized Worldwide

🏆 German Engineering at Its Finest The UIG Gold Digger stands as a testament to German engineering excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this device represents the pinnacle of innovation and craftsmanship, setting a new standard for metal detection technology.

🔒 Internationally Certified: ISO 9001 and CE Approved Rest assured that the UIG Gold Digger meets and exceeds the highest manufacturing standards. Holding the prestigious ISO 9001 and CE certifications, this device has been rigorously tested to ensure your investment is backed by quality and reliability.

UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector3

Unleash a New Era of Discovery with UIG Gold Digger

In a world teeming with hidden treasures, the UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector emerges as the ultimate ally for modern treasure hunters. Prepare to experience the thrill of uncovering gold, silver, and precious metals like never before. Equipped with groundbreaking technology, global compatibility, and a commitment to excellence, this device redefines what's possible in the realm of metal detection. Join us on this journey of discovery and seize the opportunity to unearth the unimaginable. The UIG Gold Digger: your pathway to treasure awaits.

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:تستعد شركة UIG لإطلاق جهازها الجديد و الأول من نوعه في العالم لكشف الذهب والمعادن الثمينة تحت الأرض

UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector User Manual

>Click Here to download the UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector User Manual.

Device PhotoDescription
Battery: Power That Lasts Power your treasure hunting adventures with the high-capacity battery that ensures long-lasting performance. Uninterrupted exploration awaits as you delve into the depths of discovery with the UIG Gold Digger.
Mobile Charger (Cars): Charge On the Move Stay charged on the go with the convenience of a mobile charger designed for car compatibility. No need to worry about running out of power during your expeditions—simply plug in and recharge as you explore new terrains.
Charger: Recharge with Confidence Keep your device at peak performance with the dedicated charger, designed to quickly and efficiently replenish your detector's battery. Ensure that your treasure hunts are never hindered by low battery levels.



Coil-34×24 cm: Precision Detection, Compact Size Experience accurate targeting with the 34×24 cm coil, meticulously crafted to maximize sensitivity and coverage. Unearth hidden treasures with confidence, knowing that every inch of ground is thoroughly scanned for potential finds.



40X 40 Coil: Expand Your Horizons Enhance your detection capabilities with the larger 40X 40 coil. With its larger area coverage, you can uncover treasures faster and more efficiently, making each hunt a rewarding experience.
Safety Box: Safeguard Your Investment Protect your valuable equipment with the included safety box. Designed to safeguard your detector during transport and storage, the safety box ensures that your investment remains in top condition for countless successful hunts.
Headphones: Immerse in Audio Clarity Immerse yourself in the world of treasure hunting with the provided headphones. Enjoy crisp audio feedback as you detect potential targets, enhancing your ability to identify valuable finds even in noisy environments.
An Electric Car Charger: Eco-Friendly Energy Embrace eco-friendly charging options with the electric car charger. Compatible with electric vehicles, this charger allows you to power up your device conveniently, ensuring you're always ready for your next adventure.
Main Unit: Heart of Innovation Explore the advanced technology within the main unit, the cornerstone of the UIG Gold Digger's capabilities, providing user-friendly controls and robust construction.

Elevate your treasure hunting escapades to new heights with this comprehensive range of accessories. From extended coil options to charging solutions and protective gear, each accessory is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your UIG Gold Digger Metal and Gold Detector, enhancing your capabilities and ensuring you're fully equipped for successful discoveries.

International certificates for devices

Cϵ marking certification

The CE certificate represents the conformity of the functioning of the devices and their safety of use which applies to international manufacturing standards.

Cϵ marking certification ger detect

International ISO 9001 Certification

International ISO 9001 Certification according to the international standards and specifications.

Cϵ marking certification ger detect

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UIG Gold Digger Metal Detector