Garrtt Axiom 101 How To Guide

Garrett Axiom Metal Detector: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section for the Garrett Axiom Metal Detector. Whether you're a seasoned detectorist or new to the hobby, our goal is to provide you with detailed answers to common questions about the Garrett Axiom. This guide is designed to help you get the most out of your metal detecting experiences.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector

Understanding Your Garrett Axiom

Getting Started: Learn how to power on and set up your Garrett Axiom for the first time.

Settings and Adjustments: Discover how to fine-tune the settings for optimal performance, including sensitivity, ground balancing, and volume control.

Maintenance and Care: Tips on maintaining your Garrett Axiom to ensure longevity and optimal functioning.

Advanced Features and Troubleshooting

Advanced Operations: Dive into the advanced features of the Garrett Axiom, including frequency scans and software updates.

Troubleshooting Common Issues: Quick solutions to common problems you might encounter while using the Garrett Axiom.

Maximizing Efficiency: Strategies to use your Garrett Axiom more effectively, especially in challenging environments.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector device screen

Garrtt Axiom 101 How To Guide

The "Garrett Axiom 101: How To Guide" offers essential tips for mastering your metal detector. It includes setting up your device, adjusting sensitivity and discrimination for different terrains, and understanding the key features for optimal treasure hunting. Additionally, it covers maintenance, troubleshooting common issues, and leveraging advanced detection systems to find gold, silver, and precious stones. For in-depth guidance, refer to the user manual and Axiom quick start guide to fully exploit the Axiom's capabilities, ensuring a successful and enjoyable metal detecting experience.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector device handle

1. How do I turn on the Garrett Axiom metal detector?

Press and release the ON/OFF Power button to power on the Garrett Axiom.

2. How can I reset the Garrett Axiom to its factory settings?

Hold down the Power button for five seconds until you hear a double-beep. This resets the Garrett Axiom to its original factory settings.

3. What should I do if my Garrett Axiom is not powering on?

Ensure the battery is charged. If not, connect it to the charger and check if the battery icon blinks, indicating charging is in progress.

4. How do I adjust the sensitivity of the Garrett Axiom?

Use the SENSITIVITY Plus/Minus buttons to increase or decrease the Sensitivity setting on the Garrett Axiom. The default setting is 4.

5. What does ground balancing do on the Garrett Axiom, and how do I perform it?

Ground balancing eliminates or reduces ground response to enhance detection accuracy on the Garrett Axiom. Press and hold the GND BAL button while bouncing the coil above the ground until the response disappears or becomes minimal.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector device view from above while metal detecting

6. How do I charge the Garrett Axiom, and how long does it take?

Use the USB-C charging cable connected to a power source. Charging the Garrett Axiom takes 7 to 8 hours from a 3-amp USB wall charger.

7. Can I use the Garrett Axiom in wet conditions?

Yes, the Garrett Axiom's searchcoil and stem are waterproof, and its control box is rainproof, suitable for use in wet conditions.

8. How do I connect wireless headphones to the Garrett Axiom?

To pair new headphones with the Garrett Axiom, switch them on, hold them within 2 feet of the Axiom, power on the Axiom, press the MENU button until the wireless icon is highlighted, then press the (+) button to pair.

9. What should I do if the Garrett Axiom is making erratic sounds?

Ensure the coil connector is secure and the coil cable is snugly wound around the stem of the Garrett Axiom. You might need to perform a factory reset or check for electrical interference.

10. How do I perform a frequency scan on the Garrett Axiom?

Press the MENU button until FREQ SCAN is selected, then press the MENU plus (+) button to start the process on the Garrett Axiom. It helps eliminate electrical interference.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector with gold nugget finds on it

11. What contents are included in the Garrett Axiom carton?

The Garrett Axiom comes with a stem assembly with a mounted control box, warranty card, upper and lower stem, searchcoil with coil cover, USB-C charging cable, quick-start guide, MS-3 wireless headphones, and more.

12. How do I know when the battery is low on the Garrett Axiom?

The battery level indicator on the Garrett Axiom's LCD display shows the status of the battery life. Recharge the battery when one segment remains.

13. What is the best way to scan an area with the Garrett Axiom?

Lower the searchcoil of the Garrett Axiom to about half an inch above the ground and scan left and right at approximately 3 feet per second. The coil must be in motion for target detection.

14. How do I adjust the volume on the Garrett Axiom?

Use the VOLUME Plus/Minus buttons to increase or decrease the detector volume on the Garrett Axiom. The volume is adjustable between 0 and 25.

15. How can I update the Garrett Axiom software?

Visit to register and access software updates for the Garrett Axiom. Connect the Axiom to a PC or Mac using the USB charging cable and follow the instructions on the website to update.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector device search coil view

16. What are the factory reset settings for the Garrett Axiom?

After a factory reset, the Garrett Axiom settings include Sensitivity at 4, Volume at 25, Threshold at 15, Mode to Fine, and other defaults.

17. How do I select different modes on the Garrett Axiom?

Press the MENU button until MODE is selected, then use the Plus (+) or Minus (-) button to select from Fine, Normal, Large, or Salt modes on the Garrett Axiom.

18. Can the Garrett Axiom detect gold?

Yes, the Garrett Axiom is capable of detecting small, low-conductivity targets such as fine gold, especially in Fine Mode.

19. How do I protect the searchcoil on the Garrett Axiom?

Use a coil cover to protect the searchcoil of the Garrett Axiom from wear and tear, especially in rocky areas.

20. What is the Iron Check feature on the Garrett Axiom, and how do I use it?

Iron Check helps identify iron targets on the Garrett Axiom. Press and hold the IRON CHECK button, then sweep back and forth past the target. Iron will produce a low-tone buzz.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector side view

21. How do I adjust the arm cuff on the Garrett Axiom?

Use the hex wrench to remove screws within the arm cuff of the Garrett Axiom. The cuff can be moved for comfort and resecured with the screws.

22. How do I know if the Garrett Axiom is properly ground balanced?

During the ground balancing procedure on the Garrett Axiom, the ground response should either disappear or become minimal. The LCD displays dual Ground Balance values that stabilize when properly balanced.

23. What is the purpose of the Threshold setting on the Garrett Axiom?

Threshold adjusts the background audio hum added to target responses on the Garrett Axiom. It helps distinguish faint target signals.

24. How can I use the Garrett Axiom in urban areas with high sensitivity settings?

Perform a Frequency Scan to reduce electrical interference on the Garrett Axiom and adjust the Sensitivity setting as needed for stable operation in urban areas.

25. What audio options does the Garrett Axiom offer?

The Garrett Axiom offers two audio types: Audio 00 (PWM audio) and Audio 01 (VCO audio), allowing users to select based on their preference.

Garrett Axiom Gold Detector searching for gold burried nuggets with digging tool

26. How does the Garrett Axiom indicate detected target signal strength?

The upper bargraph on the Garrett Axiom's LCD shows signal strength and polarity, with high-tone targets creating a response to the right of center, and low-tone targets to the left.

27. How do I adjust the searchcoil angle on the Garrett Axiom?

Adjust the coil’s bolt on the Garrett Axiom so the coil’s angle remains stable during scanning but can be easily adjusted by pressing against the ground.

28. What is the Garrett Axiom's battery life?

The internal Lithium-Ion battery of the Garrett Axiom provides up to 16 hours of typical use, depending on settings.

29. How do I know if the Garrett Axiom's wireless headphones are connected?

The wireless icon on the Garrett Axiom's LCD indicates the status. A solid icon means the detector is paired with an operating Z-Lynk receiver.

30. How do I manage interference from electrical sources with the Garrett Axiom?

Use the Frequency Scan feature on the Garrett Axiom to find the quietest operating frequency and adjust the Sensitivity setting if necessary.

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