Introducing the ARES detector by AJAX Detection Systems, a trailblazer in the realm of treasure hunting and metal detection. With AJAX's commitment to innovation, the ARES device emerges, equipped with cutting-edge technology for detecting treasures, precious metals, and more, previously deemed beyond reach. Distinct from its counterparts, ARES boasts dual search systems— the advanced long-range search system for extensive depth reach and the groundbreaking Electromagnetic Frequency (EFM) system for unmatched accuracy and depth perception.

Embarking on the Journey with ARES

Start your treasure hunting adventure with the ARES detector, your ultimate tool for exploration and discovery. This section will guide you through the essentials of assembling your device, powering it on, and navigating its innovative features for an unparalleled search experience.

Unlocking the Potential of ARES: Advanced Search Techniques

Dive into the capabilities of the ARES detector. Learn to leverage its dual-system technology, adjust settings for varying environments, and interpret the sophisticated data it provides, to pinpoint your targets with precision.

Maximizing Discoveries with ARES

Whether in pursuit of ancient artifacts, precious metals, or exploring for hidden treasures, ARES equips you with the advanced technology needed to do so effectively. Discover strategies to enhance your exploration efforts and increase your success rate.

ARES Detector in Action

FAQs on ARES Detector

Have questions about the ARES detector? This FAQ section is designed to address common inquiries, providing you with detailed answers to support your treasure hunting endeavors with ARES.

1. What search systems does the ARES Detector incorporate?

The ARES Detector is equipped with two primary search systems: the advanced long-range system designed by AJAX for extensive depth exploration, and the Electromagnetic Frequency (EFM) system, which provides unmatched accuracy in target identification and depth measurement.

2. How deep can the ARES Detector search?

Thanks to its innovative technology, the ARES Detector's long-range system can detect targets at depths of up to 20 meters, offering profound exploration capabilities for treasure hunters.

3. Is the ARES Detector suitable for beginners?

Yes, the ARES Detector is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users. It features an intuitive interface, multiple language support, and automated systems for calibration and detection, making it accessible to everyone.

4. Can the ARES Detector differentiate between types of metals?

Yes, the ARES Detector's EFM system provides the capability to discriminate between precious and non-precious metals, allowing users to identify and focus on the types of targets they are most interested in.

5. What type of battery does the ARES Detector use, and how long does it last?

The ARES Detector uses a Lithium-Ion battery, boasting a capacity of 30000 mA. It provides over 10 hours of continuous use, even at maximum brightness and sound levels, ensuring extended search sessions.

6. How does the ARES Detector perform in different soil conditions?

The ARES Detector is designed to excel across various terrains and soil types. Its systems send suitable signals that penetrate ground layers without being affected by soil composition, ensuring reliable detection in diverse environments.

7. What accessories come with the ARES Detector?

The ARES Detector package includes a main unit, connection unit, search coil, clamp nut (2 pieces), device clamp, clamp bolt (2 pieces), carrying pole, extension pole, search coil bolt and nut, headphones, antennas (2 pieces), charger, and battery.

8. Does the ARES Detector have waterproof capabilities?

While the ARES Detector is designed to handle humid conditions, specific components like the search coil are water-resistant. However, the main unit and electronic components should not be submerged in water.

9. What languages does the ARES Detector support?

The ARES Detector supports six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Arabic, making it accessible to a wide range of users around the globe.

10. Can the ARES Detector be used for gold prospecting?

Yes, the ARES Detector is highly effective for gold prospecting. Its precision in metal discrimination and depth measurement makes it an invaluable tool for detecting gold nuggets and other precious metals.

11. How does the ARES Detector's EFM system work for target detection?

The EFM system, or Electromagnetic Frequency Modulation system, operates by sending electromagnetic waves through the search coil, which then penetrate the ground. When these waves encounter a target, they are reflected back with changes. The ARES processes these reflected signals to identify the presence, type, and depth of the target.

12. What is the maximum depth the EFM system can detect?

The EFM system is engineered to detect small and large targets with high precision. For small objects like coins, it can reach depths of up to 1 meter, while for larger targets, it can detect up to 3 meters deep, depending on the soil conditions and type of metal.

13. Can ARES detect voids and cavities?

Yes, the ARES Detector is capable of detecting voids and cavities. The long-range search system includes features that allow for the identification of spaces that may be indicative of tunnels, chambers, or hidden rooms underground.

14. Is it possible to update the ARES Detector's firmware?

Yes, the ARES Detector supports firmware updates, which can be performed by connecting the device to a computer via USB. These updates ensure that your device remains at the cutting edge of detection technology by improving functionality and adding new features.

15. How user-friendly is the ARES Detector's interface?

The ARES Detector features a highly intuitive interface designed for ease of use. The color TFT screen displays information clearly, and the device's menu is structured to be navigated easily, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.

16. Does the ARES Detector come with a warranty?

Yes, the ARES Detector comes with a manufacturer's warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. For specific warranty duration and coverage details, please refer to your purchase documentation or contact AJAX Detection Systems directly.

17. How does the ARES Detector perform in mineralized soil?

The ARES Detector is equipped with advanced ground balancing features that allow it to perform exceptionally well in mineralized soils. It can filter out the effects of mineralization, ensuring that target detection is not hindered by challenging ground conditions.

18. Can I use the ARES Detector in wet conditions?

While the ARES Detector is designed to handle moist conditions and light rain, care should be taken to protect the electronic components from direct water exposure. The search coil is waterproof, allowing for shallow water searches, but the main unit should remain dry.

19. What type of targets can the ARES Detector find?

The ARES Detector is versatile and can find a wide range of targets, including but not limited to, gold, silver, copper, precious metals, ancient relics, jewelry, and coins. Its discrimination capabilities also allow users to filter out unwanted metal types.

20. How do I maintain and care for the ARES Detector?

To ensure the longevity of the ARES Detector, regularly clean and inspect the device, especially after use in rough or dirty environments. Store the detector in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Detach the battery when not in use for extended periods, and avoid exposing the device to extreme temperatures or moisture.

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Embark on a journey of discovery and mastery over the cutting-edge ARES Detector by AJAX Detection Systems. This FAQs section is meticulously crafted to address all your queries, ensuring a seamless treasure hunting experience. From technical specifications and operational guidance to maintenance tips and troubleshooting advice, our comprehensive FAQs provide you with the knowledge to unlock the full potential of your ARES Detector.

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