You all know the types of devices, but many times their technology and result confuses you. Here you can understand in depth the differences between the technologies. Are you sure you already know?


There are many technology companies that are working on the development of the existing technologies for discovering and locating metals deep in the ground.

Today we will review the differences between these 2 useful technologies, long range technology is the first and ground scanner technology is the second. We will also come to the comparison table, but first of all we will expand in words the main differences in the description of the various technologies as well as the uses of these technologies in finding an ancient gold coin or gold treasure buried in the ground, for example.

What is long range technology for finding objects

Long range technology for searching for objects using antennas has been around for decades. Probably a lot more. We all remember (the older ones among us) the cartoons that hold 2 iron rods and it leads them to a water reservoir or alternatively to a treasure buried in the ground. This technology actually acts, among other things, as an increase in the attraction of the human body to the particular goal.

How does long range technology work?

This technology is called "bionic technology". which is directly affected by the human body. Over the years the technology has developed and improved from 2 individual sticks to 2 copper sticks and then from 2 copper sticks to an electric device with batteries and the possibility of attaching the search material you want to find. You can read about this technology in a wide variety of websites.

What are the capabilities of long range technology?


The average range for distant metal detection is 2000 meters (ranging from 100 meters to 5000 meters). The average depth range for detecting metals buried in the ground is 16 meters (ranging from 8 meters to 75 meters).

What is true and what is false?

The people who refer to this technology are divided into 2 main groups: those who believe and those who do not. We believe in one thing - whoever found a treasure with such technology - must believe that the technology works, and whoever did not succeed - probably opposes this technology.

Ground scanning technology

Most metal detectors perform a "ground scan". It is therefore a broad name for a specific technology. Because ground scanning can even be done electromagnetically and up to a ground penetrating radar which is also a "ground scanner". That's why we will try to be focused and concentrate on our comparison test between the deep and long range ground scanning technology.

Ground penetrating scanner

This technology operates on a high and very strong frequency infrastructure, which requires special permits to operate such a device. Such a device requires training and explanations for the operator since it is a very expensive device with high capabilities for detecting objects, objects buried in the ground. Archaeological infrastructure, gold treasure buried in the ground, ancient coins and more.

Long range devices and ground penetrating scanners are known to have helped find most of the pyramids in Egypt.

In conclusion

The 2 technologies are good and necessary in the stages of your search.
The main difference is in the search range. If you don't have a certain search point - then it is better for you to use a long range device to locate new target points in a wide area. But if you have a certain specific area - you will need the ground penetrating scanning device.
Another and important difference is the financial difference. The ranges are large and wide, so we recommend checking and trying a large number of models and companies before you make such a purchase. Our representatives are always at your service for guidance and instruction.